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Rising Cases In The National Capital Leading To Delhi Night Curfew

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Delhi night curfew has been imposed from Monday night because of the rising cases of covid-19 in the national capital. 290 fresh cases were reported in Delhi over the last Sunday. This has concerned the officials to a great extent. The rate of positivity has increased to the value of 0.5%. This is considered to be critical in terms of covid-19 spreading. 

Earlier, it was believed that the Delhi government will be issuing the yellow alert in case this condition prevails for the next two days. The 16% rise in the total number of cases has turned out to be quite dangerous for the entire nation as well.

Four Stage Alert System

Delhi government had already issued a four-stage alert system in order to help the people maintain social distance. These alerts are named after four colors and it is expected that these will be enough to warn the people against the spread of infection in different quarters. 

The addition and restriction of barriers will be made on the basis of these infections all around the country. It is anticipated that there will be a third wave of covid-19 as well. We have to wait and see whether the government is able to control the rise in the cases in different parts of the nation or if it fails like it did in the period of the second wave.

Yellow Alert And Delhi Night Curfew

The yellow alert means that there will be a night curfew. Delhi night curfews had been imposed in the last session of the pandemic as well. The restaurants will be allowed to operate but only at 50% occupancy. Many of the places which are open only for the purpose of entertainment will be closed as well for the future times. This kind of endeavor is often made in order to ensure that the people are maintaining the norms of social distancing.

Will This Work?

Do you think that the renewal of Delhi’s night curfew is going to change the scenario in any way that is possible? Do you think that the situation will be like what it was during the second wave? We are interested to know your views in the comment section given below!

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