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Rising Daily Covid Cases In Both Delhi And Mumbai

daily covid cases
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The daily covid cases have seen a sudden rise in both Delhi and Mumbai over the past few days. This has turned out to be a matter of great concern for the authorities across the nation. Mumbai has registered a 70% increase in the total number of cases over the last 24 hours and Delhi has faced the same in the same time period with a 50% increment in the total number of cases. 

The national capital of the country has developed over 496 cases in the last 24 hours and the financial capital took about 1,377 cases over the same time period. This is indeed a matter of concern.

Daily Covid Cases See A Steep Rise

Each of the cities recorded single deaths along with the rise of the daily covid cases. Both of these cities had marginal drops in the total number of covid cases which developed each day. In fact, Delhi was doing quite well in terms of the reduction of cases all around the city. 

Mumbai was also progressing on the same steps in order to make sure that the total number of cases was reduced over a given period of time. It has to be assumed that the omicron variant is the one responsible for this rapid rise in the total number of cases around both of these cities.

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Increment In Delhi After Yellow Alert

The total number of cases in Delhi started to increase after the Yellow Alert was advised all over the national capital. The daily covid cases rise has forced the chief minister Arvind Kejriwal to plead the people to maintain social distance yet again. 

He has stated that he knows that the people are tired of the restrictions which are placed on them every day. However, he cannot do anything in this case as the restrictions are important to maintain the rate of positivity in the national capital.

Can It Be Controlled?

Do you think that the daily covid cases will reduce after the restrictions are placed again? We are interested to know your views in the comment section given below!

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