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Russia And Qatar Join Hands To Help In Taliban Humanitarian Crisis

Taliban humanitarian crisis
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The entire world is very concerned about the Taliban humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and is trying its best to provide aid to the people who are trapped in the country. According to the latest news, Russia and Qatar will be joining hands in order to discuss the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan. It is widely believed that no one is actually safe in Taliban-occupied Afghanistan. Most of the countries have been able to evacuate their inhabitants from the fallen land and have also given refuge to the Afghans who no longer wished to live in their own land.

Appeal By The Countries For Taliban Humanitarian Crisis

The Qatar foreign minister has deemed the entire condition in Afghanistan to be “very, very grievous”. He has also appealed to countries across the world to come together in order to help protect Afghanistan from the Taliban humanitarian crisis. Russia has acknowledged that Afghanistan needs the humanitarian aid of the world without letting religious or political barriers get in the way at this moment. 

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The Islamic Emirates has tried its best to facilitate the evacuation process from Afghanistan. Most of the citizens who wished to flee the war-stricken nation found help in other countries. It is no wonder that no one wishes to live under Taliban rule because of the precedent they had set earlier.

This is very heartening to watch the nations coming together in order to aid in the Taliban humanitarian crisis. It is essential that all countries come together to prove that religious fundamentalists can never be accepted as leaders for any country or community.

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