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Russia, China, And Pakistan Will Continue To Maintain Contact With Taliban Forces

contact with Taliban
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While on one hand, the entire world is thinking about the ways in which it can challenge the Taliban capture of Afghanistan, certain nations have continued to maintain contact with Taliban forces. The countries like Russia, China, and Pakistan have had discussions with their embassies within the Taliban rule. 

They have agreed to keep up their communication with the ruling forces. The Russian Foreign Ministry has given the green signal to keep in touch with the forces. This contract has been made in order to maintain a positive relationship with the new government in Afghanistan. The nations have stated that this contract has nothing to do with their approval of Taliban rule.

Reasons To Maintain Contact With Taliban Forces

Contact with Taliban forces might also lead to some aid of the Afghans in the field of peace and prosperity. The contact with these nations can help to restore the regional stability of the country infested with religious fundamentalists.

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The Russian Foreign Ministry has informed that they will try to contribute towards the betterment and development of Afghan resources even in the times of Taliban rule. In return, the Taliban forces have also nodded their consent to keep in touch and promote the relations with the three countries which have been mentioned above.

Do you think that it is diplomatic of these nations to keep in contact with Taliban forces? Or should it be considered as pairing up with one of the most dangerous forces around the world? We are waiting to know your opinion on this matter.

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