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AIIMS Safe Balcony Safe Child Campaign And The Best 5 Child Safe Balcony Ideas

Safe Balcony Safe Child Campaign
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One person dies from head trauma in India every three minutes, and 30% of those head injuries involve children, according to Dr. Deepak Gupta, Professor of Neurosurgery at AIIMS and one of the study’s authors. Dr. Gupta told PTI that more than 60% of all brain injuries in youngsters are the consequence of falls from a height. AIIMS has recently initiated a new campaign with the intent of spreading awareness about children under the age of 12 getting hurt due to a fall from a high spot. Read more about the Safe Balcony Safe Child Campaign and some helpful child safe balcony ideas.

This Safe Balcony Safe Child campaign attempt at spreading awareness began after a study was brought to light which suggested that falling from a height is the leading cause of death among children under the age of 12, according to a new AIIMS-Delhi study. 

What Is Safe Balcony Safe Child Campaign Launched By AIIMS?

The AIIMS-New Delhi has begun a Safe Balcony Safe Child campaign to raise awareness of this preventable occurrence. The information of 1000 children hospitalised at AIIMS Hospital was gathered and examined. They ended up in the hospital after their fall from a great height. The data showed that boys were more likely to suffer from such afflictions on the head and 60 percent of these instances include falls from a great height. 

A great part of these children was said to belong to strata of low socioeconomic households. In such situations, parents were either at their workplace or someplace else. We want the message of the “Safe Balcony Safe Child campaign” to reach every household with children under the age of 12 through this campaign, Dr. Gupta said.

As part of the campaign, doctors intend to visit schools, engage in conversation with kids, parents, and teachers, and host a number of seminars and competitions.

“We would like more individuals to join us so we can expand the campaign to the entire country,” Dr. Gupta stated. Falling from a great height is a very distinct pattern of injury, especially in India in very young children. These cases often result in deaths or major handicaps to these infants and young kids. 

5 Child Safe Balcony Ideas

child safe balcony ideas

1. Replace Your Small Balcony Railings With Higher Ones

If your balcony rails are low or simple to climb, they must be replaced with something higher and safer. Even if your balcony railing is the appropriate height and doesn’t have any noticeable gaps, you must still ensure that it is properly installed and won’t quickly give way. Among the most crucial pieces of advice for keeping youngsters safe on balconies is this.

2. Balcony Safety Mesh Can Be Installed

Since rebuilding your balcony railing might be quite expensive, you might want to try securing it with a wire or plastic mesh. Even while adding child safety netting to the balcony isn’t a long-term fix and isn’t 100% foolproof, it will prevent toddlers and young kids from climbing it. 

3. Get Furniture Off Of The Space

One of the simplest child safe balcony ideas to make your balcony child-friendly is to consider removing any outdoor furniture you may have installed in the open area. Even if you prefer drinking your evening tea on the balcony, remember to bring all the furnishings indoors after you’re done.

4. Put Locks And Latches

Even if you take every safety measure possible, there is still a danger that your child will find the balcony while you are at work. If the door already has a built-in mechanism, you can simply purchase a latch from any retail shop and install it out of your child’s reach.

5. Invest In A Door Alarm

Not only does it keep your family safe and protected, but this would also makes sure to keep your balcony safe for youngsters. This is undoubtedly one of the more expensive child safe balcony ideas on the list. It is, however, a perfect method to prevent your children from using the balcony without informing everyone else in the house.


Safe Balcony Safe Child Campaign is a much-appreciated attempt which has been brought forward by AIIMS. It intends to reduce head injuries in children and also brings in ways to ensure their safety. 

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