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Socrates Death – Why Was Socrates Sentenced To Death?

socrates death
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Socrates was a Greek philosopher, and Plato was his most renowned disciple. We only learned about Socrates from other people since he didn’t write down his opinions. You may claim that Socrates’ wanderings laid the foundation for most of Western philosophy. This article will discuss the actual story of Socrates death and Socrates’s enemies.

Story Of Socrates

Socrates was painfully aware of his own lack of comprehension, and his arguments developed from this philosophy. Some of his contemporaries thought they had a firm grip on knowledge and that their philosophical approach was sound. Socrates’ main strength was his ability to persuade these sophists, as well as other contemporaries, to recognize the flaws in their philosophical views.

socrates sitting along with his followers

He accomplished this by employing rational reasoning to lead his opponent to an unexpected logical conclusion to the opponent’s argument. This strategy was employed to demonstrate to his opponent that his beliefs were flawed and unsupportable.

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Actual Story Of Socrates Death

His formal allegations were that he corrupted the youth of Athens and disrespected the gods, but to imply that this was the reason for Socrates death sentence is deceptive. The Delphic Oracle (believed to be the voice of the gods) pronounced Socrates to be the wisest of all men, according to Plato’s Apology. Socrates felt himself to be illiterate, but he also believed the oracle to be infallible. To answer the puzzle, he set out to examine the oracle’s interpretation by interviewing persons of great intellect (and they were all males in ancient Athens).

Socrates, a skilled debater on his feet, repeatedly demonstrated that their claims of knowledge were bogus, and that, while they believed they were intelligent, they were not. Finally, he came to the conclusion that his “wisdom” lay in being conscious of his own ignorance: those who claimed to know notions like “truth,” “justice,” and “piety” did not actually know them, but Socrates did not know nor imagined he knew, and thus was wiser.

Socrates Created Enemies

Socrates debated in the center of town, attracting large throngs of onlookers eager to witness him. Of course, he created a lot of strong enemies in the process. They resorted to stock allegations against philosophers because they couldn’t come up with any valid charges against them.

Many Athenians also despised Socrates because he and Alcibiades were lovers. Alcibiades was a powerful statesman and general who, in the end, abandoned Athens. As a result of their relationship, Socrates gained even more foes. This story eventually led to Socrates death.

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Socrates Death

A person guilty of criminal offenses in ancient Athens was required to propose his own sentence. The majority of people anticipated Socrates to propose exile, which would very surely have appeased his accusers. Instead, he advocated that he be granted a pension and kept at the cost of the state. This infuriated his accusers and many members of the jury, and he was sentenced to death.


Socrates was given the opportunity to flee after his sentencing was handed down, and if he had attempted, he would not have been followed. But he stayed, claiming that because Athens was his house and the location he chose to dwell, it had the right to condemn him.

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