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Stark Increase In The LPG Cylinder Prices Over Time

Stark Increase In The LPG Cylinder Prices Over Time
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  • The LPG cylinder prices have risen by 25.5 INR throughout the country
  • Over the last six months, the prices of domestic cylinders have increased by 140 INR
  • The petrol and diesel prices across the country have increased to 3 digit numbers over time.

Ever since the new government ascended to power in 2014, there has been a steady increase in the prices of basic commodities that are essential for daily life. In the year 2020, the fuel prices had already reached an ultimatum. To disturb the common man’s budget further, there has been a sudden increase in the price of commodities needed in the kitchen as well. There has been a stark rise in the LPG cylinder prices. This can be seen through the 25.5 INR increase in the price of a 14.2 kg cylinder. The same has been observed for the 19 kg cylinder as well. The price had suddenly increased by 76.5 INR per cylinder. This was supposed to come into effect from 1st July.

Increase In LPG Cylinder Prices Leads To Troubled Households

The domestic LPG cylinder will be costing about 834 INR in Delhi now. The same cylinders were sold for 809 INR in June. The price of domestic cylinders among the metros will be the highest in Kolkata. The cylinders in Kolkata are likely to cost 861 INR, and in the case of Chennai, the cost might be 850 INR. It has been observed that the total value of a 14 kg LPG cylinder has increased by 140 INR over the last six months. This has been the fate of LPG cylinder prices.

This increase in the prices of domestic fuel has been accompanied by a price rise in fuels like petrol and diesel as well. Their prices are at an all-time high in India, and the petrol prices have reached almost a three-digit value. The metro cities are already facing the effects of greater fuel prices.

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Stark Increase In The LPG Cylinder Prices Over Time
Stark Increase In The LPG Cylinder Prices Over Time

Graph Of The Rise In Prices

The rise in the LPG cylinder prices has been observed steadily since November. This has been observed on an international scale, but it seems that the Indian government is trying to cushion its losses by imposing more and more taxes on the citizens. This has been considered to be quite harmful to the citizens’ economic state.

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What Will Happen Next?

What is your opinion on the increase in LPG cylinder prices? Do you think that this increase in prices will stop at any time in the future? The comment section is all yours to let us know about your views on this matter!

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