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Strange Hypocrisy Observed In MPs Presenting The Population Control Bills In The Parliament

Strange Hypocrisy Observed In MPs Presenting The Population Control Bills In The Parliament
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  • Four Members of the Parliament will be proposing the bill on population control in the monsoon session
  • The BJP MPs presenting the ideas have multiple kids of their own
  • The population control bills have raised many questions among the opposition leaders as well.

It has been announced that BJP will be initiating the population control bills very soon. The monsoon session of the Parliament is going on at the moment. It has been stated that three BJP members from Lok Sabha and another member from JDU will be moving the Private members’ Bill on population control. The entire idea seems to be quite beneficial for the country at the moment, but we should take a moment and ponder on who is presenting the bill. Ravi Kishan is the BJP MP who will be presenting the bill. Incidentally, he is a father to three daughters and one son. What happens to the sanctity of the bill then?

Ideas Suggested Under The Population Control Bills

No details have been given yet in case of the bill to be presented by Kishan in the Parliament. This bill has been suggested by a member of BJP itself from Bihar. Sushil Kumar Singh has suggested that the National Population Planning Committee in each of the districts should be held responsible for making every family realize the benefits of having smaller families. If the government is not able to take stronger steps in terms of population control, it will not be possible to keep a track of the rising population in the country. It should be noted here that Singh himself has two sons and a daughter.

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Another bill is being proposed by JDU’s Dr. Alok Kumar Suman who has similar ideas for the population bill and has stated that the government must try to bring some kind of control to the rise in population throughout the country. The national progress might be disrupted by this increase in population in the long run. The proposal also stated that the country must try to take some extra efforts in order to limit the number of children per couple. The population control bills have been suggested in order to control the population, but the suggestions are being given by personnel who are increasing the nation’s population themselves.

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What Do You Think Will Happen?

What do you think about the changes that might happen in the country through the population control bills? Let us know in the comment section below!

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