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Taliban Forces Loot $12 Million From The Ex-Officials Of Afghanistan

Taliban Forces Loot $12 Million
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  • Taliban forces have looted about $12 million from the ex-officials of Afghanistan
  • This has been an effort to revive the indigenous currency system of the nation
  • Afghanistan is in a severe economic crisis because of the lack of foreign currency at the moment.

The central bank of Afghanistan has informed that the Taliban forces have looted almost 12 million dollars worth of currency from the ex-officials of Afghanistan. It has been informed that the economic state of the country was already in ruins before the Taliban came into power. Recently, the forces have informed that the country will be using only local currency in order to improve the state of the indigenous currency system. All transactions must be done using the local currency only. This might come across as quite dangerous in an aid-dependent country like Afghanistan. It might not be possible to control all kinds of foreign exchanges as the nation is quite dependent on external sources.

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Dollars Robbed From The Ex-officials Of Afghanistan

According to the news sources, most of the government employees have not yet returned to work. They have not been paid their salaries for months now and this has led to a severe downfall in the domestic economy of the nation. Most of the people are scrambling to find a basic earning in Afghanistan at the moment. There is enough money in the banks but the branches have reduced their withdrawal limit to only 200 dollars per week. The people can be seen lining up in queues in front of the banks. The question arises in this situation, how beneficial is it for such a nation, that dollars have been snatched from the ex-officials of Afghanistan?

Taliban claim they raided Amrullah Saleh's home
Taliban claim they raided Amrullah Saleh’s home

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Use Of Indigenous Currency

The money which has been taken till now has mostly been from the high-ranking officials under the rule of the earlier president. The national security agencies which had stored cash and gold at their respective residences were also robbed. The cause of this looting is not known yet. The country is still awaiting funds from the western agencies as the central banks have declared that only indigenous currency can be used within the nation.

What do you think about the looting of dollars from the homes of ex-officials of Afghanistan? Do you think this is going to help with the current economic condition of the nation in any way? Let us know your ideas in the comment section!

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