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The News Of A Gangster Killed In Delhi Courtroom Shocks everyone

gangster killed in Delhi courtroom
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  • News of a gangster killed in Delhi courtroom shootout has spread throughout the nation
  • Two gunmen disguised as lawyers killed a rival gangster in the courtroom
  • The two shooters were killed by the Delhi police.

News spread about a gangster killed in Delhi courtroom amongst several high-security personnel, to the shock of the entire nation. This has given rise to the question of whether the security system of the courts is to be trusted or not. Not one, but three gangsters were killed in the shootout inside the Delhi courtroom. As per the information that has been amassed till now, it seems that the gunmen had appeared in the court in the garb of lawyers. Policemen and lawyers scrambled inside as the shots were heard in the courtroom of Rohini in Delhi.

Two Gunmen Kill Gangster In Delhi Courtroom

The news of “gangster killed in Delhi courtroom” is nothing less than a plot straight out of a movie. The gunmen who had been in the garb of lawyers shot the gangster Jitender Gogi three times, causing instant death. The Special Forces which were carrying Gogi to the court shot back and killed the two gunmen on the spot. This gave rise to the question of what the security staff was doing when two fake lawyers carried guns with them in the court.

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Jitender Gogi, The Gangster Killed In Delhi Courtroom

Jitender Gogi, the man who had been targeted by the gunmen, was a notorious gangster who had more than 30 criminal cases lodged against him. He had been in Tihar Jail over the last year. He was pronounced dead in the hospital after the shootout. It is rumored that he has been killed by a rival gang called Tillu Gang. 

Delhi Police Commissioner has informed news sources that the two gunmen from the rival gang were immediately brought down by the swift action of Delhi Police. The police have also revealed that the two gunmen were dressed as lawyers. This helped them to get inside the court without any problem.

Is It Not Shocking?

Were you not immediately shocked when you came to know about the gangster killed in Delhi courtroom? What do you think that the government should do in order to increase the security standard in courtrooms? Let us know your suggestions in the comment section.

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