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Tomato Fever Treatment, Causes And How Does Tomato Fever Spread

how does tomato fever spread
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During the current ongoing process where the whole world is trying to subdue the COVID-19 pandemic, a newborn virus has emerged. This virus is known as tomato fever or tomato flu. Officials of virus control are very cautious to prevent the spread of the Tomato flu in the initial stage and eradicate it before it becomes a global pandemic. But how does tomato fever spread? What are tomato fever causes and know about tomato fever treatment? and the best tomato fever home remedies. Find out the tomato fever food list that you must consider. Is there any case of tomato fever in adults? Find out everything here!

The first case of tomato fever was identified in the state of Kerala in the Kollam district on the 6th of May 2022. Currently, Kerala, Odisha, and Tamil Nadu are the only states that are affected by this disease.

What Is Tomato Fever a.k.a Tomato flu?

This is a self-limiting disease. This means that the illness will get cured with or without treatment over a period of time. Currently, there is no medication to cure this flu. This virus is caused by “coxsackievirus A16” which causes the popular hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD). 

It is presumed that this flu could be a new variant of the disease or could be a follow-up after dengue fever or chikungunya in kids. The condition is known as tomato fever because it causes the body to break out in painful red blisters all over. These blisters resemble the rashes brought on by the monkeypox virus in appearance.

Tomato Fever In Adults And Children

So far, only children are known to be affected by this virus. Around 80 children, less than the age of 5 are infected in Kerala. Regional Medical Research Centre located in Bhubaneswar has reported 26 more cases of children being diagnosed with this flu who are between the age of 1 to 9. 

Cases of Tomato fever in adults are not reported. This flu majorly affects kids and it should be controlled or eradicated before infecting adults. But, what are the tomato fever causes? Can tomato fever home remedies be utilized for tomato fever treatment? Let’s read in the below section.

Symptoms Of Tomato Fever

The common symptoms of tomato fever are similar to that of Corona Virus. Such symptoms include fever, body ache, and fatigue or tiredness. Other symptoms are mouth ulcers, nausea, stomach cramp, diarrhoea, joint pains, dehydration, and most importantly, rashes. These rashes are red in colour and might appear anywhere on the body. Additional symptoms involve a runny nose, coughing, and vomiting.

Tomato Fever Causes

  • The accurate cause of this flu is not known.
  • Scientists assume that it could arise after diseases like dengue fever or chikungunya.
  • The root cause is yet to be determined.

Tomato Fever Treatment

As there is no known medication for curing this flu, “Prevention is always better than cure”. Experts and scientists suggest that children below the age of 10 should ensure good hygiene. In case, if the kids show symptoms of tomato flu, they should immediately be rushed to the hospital to avoid further spread of the flu. Mentioned below are some of the tomato fever treatment methods:

  • It is also advised to stay hydrated.
  • If the rashes cause irritation, a hot water sponge can be used to relieve the irritation.
  • These rashes should not be scratched. 
  • Doctors suggest the use of paracetamol for body ache and fever. 
  • The infected person should remain isolated until they are fully cured to avoid the flu from spreading.

How Does Tomato Fever Spread?

This viral infection mostly spreads through close contact. Kids are mainly affected by this as they tend to touch unclean places and because they put objects directly into their mouth regardless of where it was taken. Infected children should be kept in solitary for a week or so, to prevent further spread.

Tomato Fever Treatment

Tomato Fever Food List – The Best Tomato Fever Home Remedies 

  • Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water, fresh juice, milk etc.
  • Vegetable soup and Herbal tea – perfect for sore throat. Vegetables like potatoes, peppers and Brussel sprouts help in reducing cold. 
  • Greens and fruits – They are rich in vitamins and iron. These nutrients fight against inflammation.
  • Broth and chicken soup – These soups are rich in iron and protein. They improve the immune system of the body. 
  • These are some of the food supplements that are to be consumed to cure Tomato fever.


This is all you need to know about tomato fever causes and how does tomato fever spread. Through this, you would have come to know how to prevent the spread of tomato flu and you will have in-depth knowledge of tomato fever in adults and tomato fever home remedies.

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