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Tsunami Threats Arise After Underwater Volcanic Eruption

tsunami threats arise
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Tsunami threats have been detected after the underwater volcanic eruption on Saturday, January 15. After the eruption, thunder, heavy rainfall, and lightning were witnessed. The news has been going viral all over social media.

Tsunami Threat And Regions Affected

The tsunami threats were noticed over countries, including New Zealand and parts of the United States after the explosion of an underwater volcano in the Pacific island of Tonga on Saturday has passed. Due to the tsunami threat, the advisories and guidelines for Japan, Hawaii, Alaska, and the US Pacific coast were lifted.

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) Guidelines Over The Tsunami Threats

On Sunday, a day after the eruption, the PTWC stated that the tsunami threat had receded, but the coastal area would remain on high alert for strong and unusual oceanic currents hitting the shores. Satellite images showed the eruption of plumes of ash, steam, and gas rising above the blue waters of the Pacific ocean due to the underwater volcanic eruption that occurred on Saturday. This moment has been captured with plumes of ash, steam, and gas about 20 km up in the air. A loud booming noise could be heard till a distance, to as far as Alaska. The images have been shared on social media and it has gone viral since.

Tonga underwater volcanic eruption creates tsunami waves – video. Source – The Guardian

Neighboring regions to the Hunga-Tonga-Hunga witnessed heavy rainfall, thunder, and lightning right after its unpredicted eruption. The massive rumbling waves roared and hit the shores of the region, and its capital Nuku’alofa, leaving the region flooded. This has been the most powerful volcanic eruption in comparison to the previous years, reports 10 News First.

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The Situation In Tonga

The meteorological department in Tonga has issued a warning to the entire region, due to the threats the Tsunami imposes. Phone servers have gone down, the dangerous eruptions even caused houses to shake,  windows to tremor, and blew winds with ash. For their safety,  people have been evacuated to a safer zone. The locals have also given their views on the situation and this news and photos of the Tsunami threat have taken over social media


On January 15, Saturday, the Hunga-Tonga-Hunga erupted unpredictably and caused severe effects to its neighboring regions. This volcano lies underwater in the Pacific. The aftermatch included heavy downpour, thunder, and lightning. Witnesses claimed that the wind that blew later, carried ashes along with it and their houses and windows were shaken too. Although people surrounding the region have been shifted to a safer zone, the PTWC still issued guidelines and cautious warnings.

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