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US Appoints Envoy To Speak Up For Women’s Rights In Afghanistan

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The United States of America has appointed an envoy who would defend women’s Rights In Afghanistan. This has been one of the key steps in order to prevent the oppression of women in the rule of the Taliban forces. It is common news that the Taliban rulers oppress their women to a certain extent which is almost uncivilized in human society. 

Rina Amiri is one of the Afghan-born US scholars who has been appointed as the envoy in Afghanistan for the rights of women and children within the borders. This has been announced after America indulged in a 20 years long war with Afghanistan.

Imposing Sharia Law On Women Of Afghanistan

The Taliban had imposed a certain set of rules for the women in Afghanistan following the old Shariya law. This has been detrimental for the state of the nation. Women and girls have been banned from most kinds of educational endeavors at the moment. People who had opposed the Taliban in the past are being hunted down and they are killed in various areas. 

The Taliban has already passed the rule that women will not be allowed to leave their homes without any male escort. The vehicle owners must make sure that the women are not driving them. The US envoy, Rina Amiri will be present to speak up for the rights of the women.

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Current State & Women’s Rights In Afghanistan

The state of the women in Afghanistan is quite detrimental for now. When the Taliban came to power, they had mentioned that they would be giving freedom to the women, unlike their rule in the previous century. 

The condition of women has resorted to what it was during the last rule of the Taliban in no time. Most of the people have tried to escape from the Taliban-infested Afghanistan in order to save their women and girl children from the atrocities of the Taliban rulers.

Will The Envoy Work?

Rina Amiri is the hope for the people of Afghanistan at this moment. Do you think that she will be able to do her work properly? Let us know in the comment section given below!

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