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Vladimir Putin Cancer Surgery – Is Putin Transferring His Powers?

Vladimir Putin Cancer Surgery
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According to a recent story, Russian President Vladimir Putin is going to undergo cancer surgery & briefly hand over authority to a tough former federal police head. Read this article to know more about vladimir Putin cancer surgery.

According to a video posted on Saturday by the mysterious Telegram channel “General SVR,” Putin would hand over the authority of Russia’s government to Nikolai Patrushev, the head of the Russian federal police’s Security Council, while he remains paralyzed during and after the procedure.

Vladimir Putin Cancer Surgery

Putin has been advised by physicians that he must undergo surgery, according to the channel, which is supposedly controlled by a former Russian Foreign Intelligence Service lieutenant general identified under the alias “Viktor Mikhailovich.”

Putin is expected to be incapacitated for “a short period” as a result of the surgery and recovery, according to the unsubstantiated story. “I’m not sure how long it will last, I believe it will only be temporary “According to a source close to the situation,

Power Transfer

Putin was “unlikely to agree to a power transfer, “but he was willing to appoint a “charged affairs” to oversee Russia and the war effort. So, while Putin is in command of the operation and gets back to normal in two or three days,” the source continued, “the true control of the country transfers solely to Patrushev.”

The procedure for Vladimir Putin cancer surgery was supposed to take place in the second part of April, but it was postponed, according to SVR. “Putin was advised to have surgery, and the date is currently being discussed and agreed upon,” the outlet reported. “There appears to be no pressing need, but it cannot be postponed.”

More About Vladimir Putin Cancer Surgery

He also has Parkinson’s disease and schizoaffective disorder, which includes hallucinations and mania, among other signs of schizophrenia.

Putin’s medical concerns have long been disputed by the Kremlin, which depicts him as in good condition despite his strange absence in recent years, according to the Daily Mail.


Putin has mentioned that he will be undergoing medical operations,” the outlet’s source, allegedly an anonymous formerly high-ranking Kremlin military member, stated in a video detailing General SVR’s assertions.

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