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Why Have There Been Targeted Attacks In Jammu And Kashmir Valley?

Jammu and Kashmir
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  • Targeted attacks in Jammu and Kashmir valley scare residents of the place
  • The open firing took place in Kulgam on 17th October
  • The non-local laborers have been moved to safe camps till the danger passes away.

The Jammu and Kashmir valley has always been a matter of concern for India. The valley had been the subject of several terrorist attacks over time and the infiltration of Pakistani radical groups has often disturbed the peace of the place. On 17th October, another targeted attack in Jammu and Kashmir shook the nation. Kulgam saw the open firing by terrorists against the people of Kashmir on 17th October, just a few days after the killing of a teacher in one of the schools. The open firing had killed two laborers who were not native to the place. It is apparent that the terrorist activities in the Kashmir valley are increasing day by day. There are proofs that these attacks are being carried out by specific terrorist groups.

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The Aftermath Of Targeted Attack In Jammu And Kashmir

After the targeted attack in Jammu and Kashmir, the police had immediately sent the people who had come from the other states to the safe camps. This has been done in order to protect them from the terrorists who seem to target the non-Muslim population in Kashmir. The non-local laborers are to be brought to the nearest police station or Army CP in order to keep them safe. This matter has received urgent attention and it is expected that further attacks will be prevented with this measure.

News Till Now!

According to the news which has been reported till now, the terrorists have been attacking the non-local workers in Kashmir. The people who have been injured in the attack have been found to be residents of Bihar. The Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar has also spoken in this matter and has mentioned that the problem must be tackled at once with grave attention. Earlier, two vendors from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar were shot dead in the capital Srinagar as well. Each of these events is of major concern in the present political scenario of Kashmir.

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What Should Be Done?

The targeted attacks in Jammu and Kashmir seem to increase over time. It is apparent that the terrorists want a fundamentalist rule of their own in the Kashmir valley. They do not agree with the laws of India in this matter. Do you think that the Indian government should do something in order to stop this attack? Let us know!

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