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When Will Smith Himself Made Fun Of Apolecia, Height Of Hypocrisy

Will Smith mocking bald man
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The internet is viral with videos of Will Smith mocking bald man years ago. Yes, a video is being gone viral recently where one can see Will Smith whacking the host, Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards! 

The Height Of Hypocrisy – Will Smith Mocking Bald 

The conflict brewed when Chris Rock, a fellow actor of Will Smith from the Hollywood town jokes around Jada Pinkett Smith’s alopecia disorder. In his statement, Chris said to the actor’s wife that he would like Jada to appear in the movie, G.I. Jane 2, played by Hollywood actor Demi Moore! Following this incident, the spectators of the 94th Academy Awards saw a rising conflict between the two Hollywood actors! Actor Will Smith went straight upwards on the stage and slapped Chris Rock publicly for making fun of his wife, who is suffering from baldness! 

You might think that whatever he did was right! For him, he has only protected his beloved wife. But, would you be surprised if we tell you that years ago he did the exact same thing and did not even care to apologize for the same? Read the next section to know about Will Smith mocking bald man at a Television show! 

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Will Smith: The Heights Of Hypocrisy

At the 94th Academy Awards, Will Smith slapped and insulted comedian Chris Rock for mocking his wife, Jada. In his statement to the host, he said, “ Keep my wife’s name out of your f*****g mouth”! While this incident gained worldwide attention, and memes were made out of the controversial matter, the internet was seen flooded with a video clip of Will Smith mocking bald man on the reality show, “ The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”.

Fans posted videos of Will Smith making fun of a bassist player, John B Williams from 1991. In the video, one can see that Will Smith pointed out that the bassist player must have to wax his head every morning! 

While the audience burst with laughter, someone in the show criticized the comedian by calling him “rude”. In response to the backlash, he quickly defended himself saying that it was just a joke, there’s nothing serious about it! 

Will Smith's 'Hypocrisy' Called Out After Fans Unearth 1991 Clip Of Him Making  Fun Of Bald Man - Perez Hilton


The resurfaced video from years back is a true example that “the internet never forgets“. Amidst videos that went viral of Will Smith mocking bald man, he apologized for his shameful act towards Chris Rock at the Award show! He also added that he can happily bear jokes about himself, but when it comes to his wife, he will never tolerate people making fun of her. 

But the question is, who was wrong? Is Will Smith wrong as he never cared to apologize to the bassist player? Or, is Chris Rock faulty for digging up someone’s insecurities at the award show? Or both? 

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