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With Failed Talks, Farmers Ready To Sit-In Demonstrations At Karnal Mini-Secretariat

Karnal Mini-Secretariat
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Highlights :

  • Farmers arrange sit-in demonstrations in Karnal mini-secretariat after diplomatic talks with administration fail.
  • The farmers have demanded strong action against IAS Ayush Sinha and compensation for the death of Sushil Kajal.
  • These demands had been made after the lathi charge on 28th August.

Earlier on 28th August, the farmers of Haryana had been protesting against BJP in the Karnal area where they had to deal with police brutality and blows of police batons. In order to protest against the incident of the lathi charge which took place on 28th August, the farmers’ organizations along with several other protestors laid siege over the Karnal area near the mini-secretariat. Karnal mini-secretariat saw a major uprising of several thousand farmers on 7th September, who were protesting against the police brutality and the words of the IAS officer who asked the police forces to “break the skulls” of the farmers. 

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Farmers Will Not Budge Down From Their Demands

The farmers’ organizations have informed that they refuse to budge from their place in front of the Karnal mini-secretariat until the government of Haryana sheds its garb of stubbornness and arrogance, and agrees with the demands of the farmers. Gurnam Singh Charuni, a leading personality in the farmers’ protests, has informed that the talks between the farmers and the district administration have failed since the government is not ready to listen to any of the demands made by the farmers. Hence, they have decided to carry out a sit-in protest in Karnal till the administration bows down to the demands of the agitators.

Strong Action Demanded Against IAS Officer In The Karnal Mini-secretariat

The farmers have been pressing for immediate and strong action against the IAS officer, former SDM Ayush Sinha, who had been heard ordering the police forces to use as much brutality as they want in order to end the farmers’ agitation in a video.

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The farmers have also demanded compensation for the family of Sushil Kajal who had lost his life in the lathi charge by the police. Thousands of farmers from different parts of the country had gathered in the Karnal mini-secretariat in order to carry out the sit-in protests. The farmers have already declared that there will be no negotiations from their side in these matters.

The Protests Continue!What do you think about the sit-in agitation by the farmers at the Karnal mini-secretariat? Do you think that their demands will be fulfilled if they are dedicated enough to their protests? Let us know your views in the comment section.

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