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Guest Posting Guidelines

Write for Us on Trending Reader - Guest Posting Guidelines

It is a great pleasure that you are interested in writing content for the Trending Readers. We would love to have diverse voices and perspectives and hope that it will be a learning opportunity for us as well. Our blogs are published on the daily basis for the following areas:


  • Current Affairs
  • Technology
  • Lifestyle
  • Discover
  • Entertainment
  • Devotional



  • Let us get the nitty-gritty parts out at first. You must write blogs that are aligned with niche ideas. 
  • The posts which are approved will be published under the relevant category.
  • You will get a Do-follow link in the Content that will appear at the end of your piece. 
  • Hit out the special spot. You have to limit the words to 800-3000 words, but we will appreciate it if your post lies between 800-2000 words.
  • Make sure the content provided by you should be original and exclusive. 


Send us your content directly on our email –

You should make sure that your content is written according to our formatting style and writing guidelines. Make sure that the content has a meta description of 100-150 characters only. 

Please note that we hold the right to edit the submissions which we receive from you.  



  1. We require correct information.
  2. Keyword density should fall between 1-2.5%. Please do not stuff the keywords.
  3. Content must have one h1 with the keyword and additional subheadings as necessary.
  4. Do add subheadings in your content
  5. Do not use words like “I/my” instead use “we/You/Us”, the article is from the point of view of a company so maintain a professional writing
  6. Do not forget to write a small conclusion at the end
  7. Use simple and easy to understand words, as technical articles are themselves complex
  8. Make sure your content should be well researched and should not contain any plagiarism.


  1. Please submit as a google doc or .doc/.docx either as an attachment or a link. PDF forms will not be acceptable. 
  2. Please use block formatting.
  3. If you include images, please make sure they are yours.
  4. The featured image, if you wish to create it, must be 750×305. It is subject to the same approval process as content.


  1. Duplicate, plagiarized or AI-generated content. 
  2. Any Illegal Content
  3. Medicine, Drugs, Gambling, Adult content not accepted. On finding these contents, we will remove them without any excuse.
  4. Short and unprofessional content. 
  5. Link to Bad Sites/ Banned sites/ Adult Sites/ Warez Sites OR Blogs.
  6. NSFW Images or Links (Not Safe for Work)
  7. Copyrighted Images, Icons, Banners, or Logos in Post

We can’t wait to see the contents you have for us. Mail us now so that we can get you on the go for better content in the lot. 

You can visit our website and see our latest blogs to get an idea of our style.

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