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5 Easy-To-Follow Relationship Rules To Stay Happy

relationship rules to stay happy
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Relationships are often regarded as a connection between two or more people. This can be a physical connection, an emotional connection, or both and often you believe that when two people are in a relationship, they are a couple or are romantically connected with each other. For anyone who is truly committed to a relationship, it is easy to acknowledge that keeping your relationships strong is not a cakewalk, and instead is a bumpy ride and you will have both good and bad times. However, you can always try your best to have a nurturing relationship by following some relationship rules to stay happy.

Important Relationship Rules To Stay Happy

Here are 5 easy-to-follow and important relationship rules which can help you and your partner stay happy in your relationship.

1. Be A Better Listener

Listening is often a tough task. You might expect your partner to listen to you and understand you but you might fail to do the same for your partner. This can happen because you might be so engrossed in your own feelings and emotions that you fail to acknowledge your partner’s feelings and emotions. 

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When you expect them to listen to you and understand you, you should also make efforts to do the same because communication is a two-way process. If you are not a good listener to your partner, there are likely to be communication gaps that can cause misunderstandings and might disturb the harmony in your relationship.

2. Learn To Say No And Learn To Accept A No From Your Partner

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Saying no is one of the most difficult things in a relationship because there is a fear of hurting or disappointing your partner linked to the act of saying no. However, you should learn to say no if at a certain point in time you do not feel enthusiastic about involving yourself in a particular activity, cannot do something, or cannot attend to something. This is because if you do something half-heartedly, the result will not be as good as you or your partner wants it to be and in turn, neither will you be happy, nor will you be able to keep your partner happy. 

Learn to be assertive and when choosing to say no, make sure that your partner understands your reasons for it. Similarly, you also need to learn to accept when your partner refuses something. Ensure there is proper communication and neither of you is forcing their will onto each other.

3. Avoid Bottling Things Up

One of the most important relationship rules to stay happy is to avoid bottling things up. No matter what it is, your thoughts, feelings, or opinions, you should always find a way to communicate it to your partner and vent it out in a calm and healthy manner. If something has been upsetting you, instead of keeping it to yourself, tell it to your partner and together work on the problem and sort it out. 

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Bottling things up can cause you to be resentful towards your partner or others and these things then find ugly ways to come out to the surface. When something really bothers you, you should always trust your partner and talk it out to them. Be honest to them but try to avoid communicating in a very harsh manner which might worsen the matter.

4. Value Each Other’s Opinions

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Imposing your opinion on your partner is never a good thing and you surely will not like it if your partner does the same to you. It is also not right to belittle each other’s opinions and try to establish that what you say is right. If the two of you have a difference of opinion, you should make an effort to value your own as well as your partner’s opinion, understand whatever reasons are there behind the thought, and also learn to respect if you cannot agree with it. 

You should also avoid accepting the other person’s opinion blindly in order to have peace and avoid conflicts because if you do that, you are likely to hurt yourself in the process and it can, in turn, lead to further discord.

5. Give Each Other Some Personal Space and Set Boundaries

Every couple loves to spend time together. However, as an individual, both you and your partner have your own responsibilities, interests, and friendships. You, therefore, need to give each other some much-needed personal space and accordingly set boundaries. Unnecessary interference by you in personal matters of your partner or their relationships with others might make them disinterested in you or the relationship because they are not able to nurture their own interests and fulfill their own goals. 

Thus, you need to have some ‘Me’ time for yourself and give your partner the personal space they need and there is also no harm in setting some healthy boundaries. Only when you grow personally can you make the relationship grow and the both of you will together be happy in the relationship only when you are two happy individuals yourself.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there can be several relationship rules to stay happy but one thing that you really need to understand is that it is not just your responsibility to make things work and always work towards maintaining peace and harmony. A relationship should never be the one where one of you is always on the giving end and the other always at the receiving end. Relationships are only healthy and happy when both partners put in equal efforts to make it work and grow. Once that is done, you will enjoy being with your partner and your relationship with them will become your strength in challenging times. 

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