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Ravana And Navagraha Story – Who Is Under Ravana Feet?

Who is under ravana feet
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There are many legends about Lanka King Ravana and his prowess in different fields, abilities, pranks, and stories. And one of those stories is about Ravan capturing all nine astrological planets. This article will describe who is under Ravana feet. Read more to know about Ravana and Navagraha story, how did Ravana control planets, and was Shani dev das of Ravana?

Ravana And Navagraha Story

Ravan, the Emperor of Lanka, was known for being a superb astrologer in addition to being a great king. The union of Saturn and Moon in his Kundli, and the aspects of Sun all contributed to his astrological prowess. When all of these planets congregate in the same house, the native has outstanding astrological understanding. But who is under Ravana feet? Know here.

Who Is Under Ravana Feet?

The King had overpowered all the Devas by utilizing his vast knowledge and might. Surprisingly, Ravan was prepared to welcome his baby son into the world after conquering the Devas. The vanquished Devas were particularly concerned when they learned of Ravan’s son’s birth. The Devas believed that if Ravan’s son was born, both of them would cause all kinds of trouble in the universe. As a result, all the Devas induced the nine planets to move into astrologically unfavorable positions, preventing Ravan’s son from gaining adequate strength.

How Did Ravana Control Planets?

However, when Ravan learned of the Devas’ deception, he kidnapped all nine planets and imprisoned them ‘with their heads facing downwards’ beneath their feet. The planets couldn’t shift to an unfavorable position in this manner, despite Devas’ desire. In this Ravana and Navagraha story, Narad Muni is said to have an important role.

When the Saint, Narad Muni learned of the predicament, he resolved to assist the Devas and Grahs.  Shani Drishti is a term used in astrology to describe anything bad. It is widely seen to be as dangerous as his position. Shani is said to have an evil eye, which can create a lot of problems in one’s life. Shani might have utilized the Shani Drishtee to flee Ravan’s clutches, but the Shani gaze couldn’t act on Ravan since all the planets, along with Shani, were laying face down on the floor.

As a result, Narad Muni arrived at Ravan’s palace in Lanka with a proposal. In an attempt to influence Ravan, Narad Muni complimented him for defeating the Grahs and encouraged him to stamp on the planets’ chests rather than their backs to further humiliate the Grahs.

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Was Shani Dev Das Of Ravana?

Ravan, who had never heard of Shani Drishtee, praised the concept and had the planets turned up right away. The Shani Drishti dropped on Ravan’s face when Shani was turned, and this was the start of his troubles. 

Angered at the deed, Ravan kidnapped Shani and imprisoned him inside a small cage with no apertures, preventing anybody from seeing Shani’s face and so being influenced by the Shani Drishti.

When Lord Hanuman Saved Shani Dev From Ravana

After a few years, when Hanuman returned to Lanka as Lord Ram’s messenger to Sita, he heard Shani wailing from inside the jail. Hanuman rescued Shani by smashing the jail doors open. During the deed, however, Shani Drishti fell onto Hanuman.

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Hanuman continued fighting demons, constrained by his responsibilities. He was caught in the process of picking up large stones, which he normally used to smash into bits with his skull. All of this was causing Lord Shani pain, so he decided to set up camp on Hanuman’s head.

Shani blessed Hanuman as he flew away from his head, saying that he is the only one who is unaffected by Sade Sati or Shani Dosha. Shani also asked Hanuman to make a wish for him for his bravery in rescuing him from Ravan. Hanuman respectfully pleaded that the Shani Maharaj not bother his disciples or cast an evil eye on them.

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