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Monkeypox Found In Europe – Is This The Beginning Of A New Pandemic?

symptoms of Monkeypox
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According to recent reports, a rare case of the Monkeypox found in Europe with new cases being detected in Canada, Australia, Portugal, and Spain among others. The viral disease has caused panic and fears among the public to which health agencies responded that it is unlikely to cause a pandemic situation like Covid, but the heavy spread of the disease should be checked in order to stop its further growth. Read on to know more about the symptoms of Monkeypox disease followed by treatments. 

Monkeypox Found In Europe 

The Monkeypox disease, which was first found in monkeys and is unlikely to cause havoc in the human population, has been reported in Europe. Being endemic to West and Central Africa, the Monkeypox virus has been diagnosed only eight times in the past. 

Now, recent reports of countries such as Portugal, Spain, Canada, Australia, etc reporting the disease outbreak have led the health agencies to research more on the same. 

Symptoms Of Monkeypox Disease 

Belonging to the same family of smallpox, Poxviridae, the disease does not spread easily through human-human interaction and has a low-risk rate. Initially diagnosed in monkeys, the disease was later reported in 1970 from a kid in Congo, which further confirmed that the Monkeypox disease is endemic to the region. Since then, very few cases have been recorded among humans and other animals such as rodents and squirrels. 

The Monkeypox virus transmission can either be caused by direct contact with body fluids from an infected animal or by consuming meat and other products of the infected animal. Human to human transmission can be caused by close proximity to the lesions and rashes of the infected individual or through the placenta, known as congenital Monkeypox disease. Close contact with infected respiratory droplets of an individual may also be causative of the disease. 

symptoms of Monkeypox

The Monkeypox disease symptoms can only be detected after one week of initial contact with the virus. Followed by the primary symptoms, such as skin rashes are detectable after 3 days after incubation. The rashes are generally found in the face region and are less likely to be found on the palms of hands and soles of feet. Soon after, lesions become ulcerate and crust off, leading to skin healing. 

Sometimes, lesions become necrotic and lead to scarring. Though the Monkeypox disease symptoms have a closer association to symptoms of smallpox, both can be distinguished by the fact that lymph nodes swell during Monkeypox virus infection. 

What Do The Health Officials Have To Say? 

According to research reports, the new cases of Monkeypox found in Europe have no connection with each other, meaning there is no human-human contact which is confusing the experts as they are unable to trace the cause of Monkeypox disease. Other experts are ruling out the fact that though this is the largest disease spread in the region, it is unlikely to cause havoc or a pandemic but it is important to jab those who have the chance of getting exposed to the virus! 

Moreover, 20 reports from Britain and other from Portugal suggests that men who consider themselves gay or have a physical relationship with other men have been diagnosed with the disease, which is again causing an alarm as scientists are unsure if the Monkeypox disease has transformed itself into a sexually transmitted infection. The UKHSA responded negatively saying anyone, irrespective of their sexual orientation can catch the disease from an infected person or an animal. 


Soon after Spain and Portugal reported Monkeypox disease, Canada was also diagnosed with more than a dozen cases, followed by Britain and US, who confirmed that the Massachusetts man tested positive for the viral disease after he visited Canada. Though the severity of the disease is much less than its relative smallpox, Spain, among other countries such as Britain has started investing in vaccines used for Monkeypox that is found to be 85℅ effective against symptoms of Monkeypox.

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