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7 Reasons Why MS Dhoni Is The Best Indian Cricketer

about MS Dhoni cricketer
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Born on 7th July 1981, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a former Captain of the Indian cricket team, who still has a sizable fan base, is regarded as one of the country’s finest and most successful captains. It is evident in history itself; how legendary the man is. It is rarely seen that a cricketer gets a biopic made on him, years prior to his retirement. It is only by learning about MS Dhoni cricketer, why he was the most successful captain in Indian Cricket and the most successful captain in IPL, that we could attest to his brilliance. His dedicated fans need no introduction to him, but his casual fans may do. Therefore, we’ll delve deep into the leadership qualities of MS Dhoni, his fitness, his skills, and even the salary of MS Dhoni per month and know 7 reasons why exactly he is arguably one of the best Indian cricketers ever. 

All About MS Dhoni Cricketer

1. The Best Finisher

Not a single cricketer has ever been able to seal victories for his team like MS Dhoni has, for India. By batting through the last overs and successfully leading his team over the finish line various times, Dhoni, known as the best finisher in the limited-overs format, has helped his team win numerous matches. One thing to know about MS Dhoni cricketer is that he is very well known for his quick catches and fast reaction time. 

The Best Finisher in cricket

Fun fact: He leads the international sphere in run-chase success rates for India with an average of around 99.85 — an amount that is quite hard to match up to. He excels in this area due to his hard-hitting abilities and intelligence during batting, even under challenging circumstances.

2. Most Successful Captain In Indian Cricket: Only Captain To Win 3 Icc Trophies

Most Successful Captain In Indian Cricket

The only cricketer to have won all 3 ICC competitions while serving as captain is MS Dhoni. For this reason, he may very well be considered the most successful captain in Indian Cricket. This also becomes evident when we take into consideration how Dhoni, in 2007, led India to victory in the World T20 in his first-ever tournament as captain. He also helped India to win their first World Cup title in nearly 28 years in the year 2011 and along with that, won the Champions Trophy in 2013. Additionally, he won two Asian Cups. 

Most Successful Captain in Indian Cricket
MS Dhoni with all 3 trophies he has won as captain

Salary Of Ms Dhoni Per Month

While success is quantified by achievements, at times it is also measured on a monetary basis and unsurprisingly, Dhoni is unrivaled even in that aspect. According to some sources, it has been said that the salary of MS Dhoni per month amounts to more than 5 Crores. This amount is bound to fluctuate in accordance with brand endorsements. His IPL salary was around $2.1 Million. 

3. MS Dhoni Contribution To Getting India To The No. 1 Test Team Spot

India maintained their lead in the ICC Test Team Rankings and enjoyed a good tour of South Africa, taking two of the three formats. As a matter of fact, Test batter Cheteshwar Pujara is of the opinion that previous captain MS Dhoni was a key factor in making India’s team competitive on a global scale. In 2009, India became the No. 1 Test Team under his guidance. 

4. MS Dhoni’s Wicket Keeping Skills: Quickest Behind The Stumps

Thanks to his incredible abilities behind the wickets, MS Dhoni is recognized as the greatest wicket-keeper to have ever represented and played for India. 

MS Dhoni's Wicket Keeping Skills: Quickest Behind The Stumps

Dhoni, who is known for his lightning-quick stumpings, offered India many memorable, iconic moments. One such example can be recounted from the 2016 ICC T20 World Cup match against Bangladesh. When two runs were still needed in the final ball, Dhoni took off one glove in preparation for the runout and beat Bangladeshi player Mustafizur Rahman to it. In all forms of cricket, Dhoni holds the record for the most dismissals in a single innings for an Indian cricketer. 

5. Leadership Qualities Of MS Dhoni 

Dhoni and Bumrah -Leadership Qualities Of MS Dhoni

Dhoni has easily mastered the art of having exceptional leadership skills. When we discuss the leadership qualities of MS Dhoni, we must take into account the sheer dedication he has shown towards his teams, both in match and off the match. As a leader, he has emphasized certain pointers which helped his team in achieving victories. In order to gain the trust of a team and effectively manage any pertaining issue, leaders must maintain their composure even under extreme pressure. 

Dhoni and Chahal-Leadership Qualities Of MS Dhoni

It has been through Dhoni’s calm, logical rationale that his team was able to excel in all given opportunities. Even in the face of failure, Dhoni has always retained a calm, collected attitude. He is one of the most humble leaders of all time, as he never allowed his fame and stature to impact his credibility. He has been the one to earn his due respect, not command or beg for it. MS Dhoni has undeniably been a team player, always having stood up for his players whenever it was deemed necessary. He cared for them with immense support and proved to be a great guide to everyone. 

6. One Of The Fittest Athletes

If you’ve kept up with Mahi’s Instagram, you’d know that he is known for his fitness routine, his rigorous workout, and training sessions. MS Dhoni, as a wicketkeeper, is very conscious of his lower body and puts extra emphasis on training his calves. 

This is not to say that he is ignorant of his upper body regimen. In fact, when the BCCI released a training video of the team where MS Dhoni was working out his upper body, it became quite the hot topic amongst fans and admirers alike. Dhoni has expressed the need to stay fit so as to keep up with the younger cricketers. He treats it as a challenge and through this, he urges himself to strictly stick to his routine. 

7. Most Successful Captain In IPL

Most Successful Captain In IPL

MS Dhoni has one of the highest winning percentages among IPL captains. Out of 210 played IPL matches, he has been victorious in 123 of them. Hence, he can, without a doubt, be considered the most successful captain in IPL. As the captain of Chennai Super Kings, he has won four championship titles. 


Whether you know him as the legendary MS Dhoni or everyone’s beloved, Mahi, he remains an all-time favorite cricketer, Indian Team captain, and a well-acclaimed personality amongst fans who cherish him and people who have heard of him, to say the least. His efforts and devotion to the Indian Cricket Team are undeniable. 

Despite his retirement from the Test format and all formats of international cricket, he will forever be known, immortalized, and revered as one of the most historically influential figures in cricket history. His impact on the sport shall forever remain undeniable.

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