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Fumio Kishida Selected As The Prime Minister Of Japan From LDP

fumio kishida
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  • Fumio Kishida has won the race to become the next Prime Minister of Japan
  • He is from the Liberal Democratic Party or LDP in Japan
  • The new Prime Minister has to deal with several post-pandemic issues faced by the nation at the moment.

One of the prominent leaders of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, Fumio Kishida has won the race to become the upcoming Prime Minister of the nation. Kishida is likely to replace Yoshihide Suga who had been able to serve the post of Prime Minister for a single year only. The major backlash against the party was received when the country decided to host the Tokyo Olympics despite the opposition by the majority of the public. These controversies have affected the career of Suga and he wished to step down from his position. As a result, a replacement was required to carry on the government. Kishida became the choice to run for the seat.

Fumio Kishida Defeats Tara Kono For The Post

According to the news which has been received till now, Fumio Kishida had been the Foreign Minister of Japan. He beat the more popular candidate, Tara Kono for the seat. It was easy to establish the position of Kishida for the post of Prime Minister because of the vast majority enjoyed by Liberal Democratic Party in the parliament. 

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Difficulties Faced By Japan At The Moment

Fumio Kishida, who is 64 years old, had tried to beat the former Prime Minister as well. He had lost to Suga in the polls of last year. This year, he will be facing a number of challenges as the Prime Minister of Japan. He has to manage the post-pandemic situation which has arisen in the nation and deal with the constant threats received from North Korea. This is going to be tough work, but it seems like Fumio Kishida is more than able to deal with these problems. He has already called out for a health crisis management agency to be established for the people in the nation.

Is He Able Enough?

Do you think that Fumio Kishida will be able to do justice to the post of Prime Minister of Japan? Or do you think that his enthusiasm had been far more in comparison to his skills for the post? Let us know your views in the comment section below.

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