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Natural Gemstones And Crystals: Effect Of Gemstones On Human Body

effect of gemstones on human body
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Gemstones have attracted humanity for generations. Their perceived impacts on the human body, in addition to being excellent jewellery, are important. Ancient people thought that stones shielded the wearer from misfortune, illness, and suffering. Each stone has a distinct structure and qualities, such as its hardness, colour, elements, etc. When removed directly from the earth and utilised in the same form, these stones are known as crystals. When shaped, these are classified as jewels. This guide will help you understand the effect of gemstones on human body and all the other information related to natural gemstones and crystals.

Natural Gemstones And Crystals: Effect Of Gemstones On Human Body

The multiple benefits and effect of gemstones on human body has been shared by people since ages. We have collected a list of the most essential gemstones for you, including gemstone benefits and therapeutic properties.

1. Ruby

Ruby is among the most significant coloured stones in history. Ruby is known as Ratnaraj in Sanskrit, which means “king of precious stones.” In Hinduism, rubies are the stones dedicated to the god Krishna. Many people believed that offering a huge and magnificent stone to a god would result in reincarnation as an emperor. This red-coloured gemstone is associated with the sun, the origin of energy and vigour.

Ruby Gemstone Benefits

  • It is claimed that the user absorbs the sun’s tremendous energies, which improves motivation and enthusiasm.
  • Rubies have traditionally symbolised romance, love, and passion. The gemstone stimulates the heart chakra, establishing a strong connection.
  • This ruby gemstone is regarded as a symbol of prosperity, wealth, and abundance.

2. Blue Sapphire

In Hinduism, Neelam is called Neelima or Neelamratna. She is Shani’s first consort, his principal wife, and Kuligna’s mother. She balances and amplifies Shani’s power and is a goddess of the blue sapphire gemstone. It carries cultural importance, astrological forecasts, and magical properties.

Neelam Gemstone Benefits 

  • Wearing a blue sapphire can boost one’s Saturn influence, resulting in beneficial changes in profession, wealth, and life stability.
  • It has therapeutic powers that promote mental clarity, reduce intuition, and improve eye health and headaches.
  • The blue sapphire gemstone has a long history steeped in symbolism and significance in culture. Throughout history and civilisations, it has been venerated as a sign of wisdom, power, and prosperity.

3. Diamond

According to ancient Vedic mythology,  diamonds are formed from the bones of the old god Vela, which were scattered across the globe after he was vanquished by demigods. The bones of the deity represent a solidification of chthonic and environmental power into something immutable and divine.

Diamond Gemstone Benefits

  • Diamonds may provide love, beauty, and luxury, as well as any other materialistic wants.
  • Wearing diamonds is thought to relieve nervousness, bad temper, worry, and overthinking. It will relax the mind and give the wearer tranquillity.
  • It bestows blessings on people by bringing them joy, romance, and comfort.

4. The Cat’s Eye

The cat’s-eye gemstone, also known as Lehsunia, is thought to be a Ketu gem. This gem is incredibly shiny and has a unique texture similar to a cat’s eye, hence its name. This stone embraces vibrant beauty, such as the ‘Milk and Honey’ effect, in which a bright milky white ray flows through its honey-coloured colours in the background. Its ruling planet is Ketu, which is known as the ‘shadow planet’ in astrology due to its position as a lunar descending node.

Cat Eye Gemstone Benefits

  • The Cat’s Eye gemstone is used as a traditional medicine for bodily ailments, financial problems, stress, and psychic factors.
  • It is known as the ‘Second Mars’ because of its similar benefits. Its golden hues promote riches, prosperity, fortune, and goodness.

5. Moonstone

Moonstones are considered sacred in India. Its name derives from its relationship with Chandra, the Hindu moon god. It is guarded by three hereditary guardians appointed by Vishnu, and its brilliance grows and wanes with the moon’s light.

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Moon Gemstone Benefits

  • This stone is called the “Travelers’ Stone.” This is because it is claimed to protect visitors from unforeseen threats and prevent them from losing money. It can secure the safety of its wearers as they travel, regardless of their financial situation.
  • Moonstone is said to bring good fortune to individuals who wear it. The individual will generate big gains while avoiding major losses in their career.
  • Medical professionals can wear moonstones because it stimulates empathy and the desire to assist their patients or clientele.
  • Moonstone is sometimes referred to as the Lover’s Stone. It evokes your innate compassion, tenderness, and patience.

6. Sunela/Citrine

The idea that citrine brought its owner success, especially during wartime, originated not only with the Romans, who associated the stone with the god Apollo but also with the ancient Egyptians, who believed that the crystal inherited its yellowish hue from the sun.

Citrine Gemstone Benefits

  • Citrine is said to align with the energy of manifestation, assisting people in attaining their ambitions and goals.
  • It is thought to strengthen intentions relating to prosperity, affluence, and success.
  • Citrine, often known as “merchant’s stone” or “stone of the sun,” is related to the sun’s bright vitality. Citrine is thought to infuse the aura with uplifting vibrations, promoting feelings of joy, optimism, and contentment.

7. Yellow Moti

The pearl, also known as moti, is regarded as a powerful gemstone that can be used to counteract the negative effects of the moon. Ocean bottoms are home to the well-known gemstone known as pearls. It is used as a stone for astrology purposes as well as jewellery.

Yellow Moti Gemstone Benefits

  • Earning pearl stones is recommended for those who suffer from tense minds, difficulty making decisions, depression, and instability in their lives.
  • It soothes rage, corrects inconsistent thinking, and fortifies the heart.

8. Opals

Opals were described in Greek mythology as the stone formations of the tears shed by the god Zeus after defeat. According to Indian mythology, the gemstone is associated with a beloved and worshipped deity. Opal crystal is derived from the Latin term “Opalus,” which means “precious stone.”

Opal Gemstone Benefits

  • It is most renowned for its ability to bring out positive qualities and personal features.
  • It is also said that opals may detect a person’s thinking, desires, feelings, and emotions.
  • Opal crystal may pick up on negative sensations and emotions, even if they are disagreeable or uncomfortable.
  • Wearing this stone will also enhance your optimism; opal’s metaphysical and spiritual healing powers are related to bringing spirituality into the wearer.

9. Red coral

The planet Mars rules the red coral stone. This exquisite red gemstone, also known as Lal Moonga stone or Praval in India, bestows energy, life, and ambition upon the wearer. The Romans believed red coral to be particularly lucky, and they used to wear it as amulets.

Moonga Gemstone Benefits

  • The stone strengthens the wearer’s marriage life and ensures the longevity of a partner.
  • Carrying a capsule or triangle gemstone boosts one’s confidence and courage.
  • It is good for your health and helps you overcome problems. It cures the inhabitant’s laziness.

10. Onyx

The most well-known Greek mythological story is that Cupid, also known as Amor, the god of love, once severed his mother Venus’s fingernails with one of his arrows. Her nails, which were said to be divine, changed into onyx as they dropped from Mount Olympus into the revered Indus River.

Onyx Gemstone Benefits

  • Onyx stones can be utilised as a shield against negative energy, self-control, protection, and grounding tools.
  • Whichever variety most appeals to you can be chosen, as this stone has a calming presence.

11. Emerald

Emerald, also known as Panna Ratan, is considered a highly useful astrological gemstone in Vedic astrology. According to classical Hindu scripture, the emerald gemstone signifies the powerful planet Mercury (Budh), which has a significant impact on the native’s life.

Emerald Gemstone Benefits

  • Emerald is referred to as the Stone of Prosperity. It reflects growth and contributes to greater income possibilities, allowing people to earn money from numerous sources.
  • Emerald gemstones are frequently linked with increased mental clarity and attention. The advocates of gemstone therapy say that wearing an emerald may help people think more clearly, make smarter judgments, and improve general cognitive function.
  • The harmonic vibrations of this gemstone promote happiness as well as understanding between the couple. The healing powers of the Panna gemstone help the individual build confidence and improve their communication skills. Wearing an emerald gem is also thought to help students prepare for competitive exams.

12. Yellow Sapphire /Pukhraj

Yellow sapphire, also known as Pukhraj stone, is one of the most highly popular gemstones, commanding astronomical market prices. It is generally recognised for offering various astrological and other notable benefits to the wearer, enough to significantly improve their quality of life. It is regarded as one of the most auspicious and helpful stones. This stone has significant importance in astrology. This contains all of Jupiter’s elements. Jupiter is also known as a guru of all the deities.

Pukhraj Gemstone Benefits

  • This gemstone is highly useful to females since it can give them a pleasant marriage life. A yellow gemstone grants them a suitable and desired life companion.
  • This gemstone is suitable for individuals with renal issues, coughs, and fevers. This keeps the wearer safe from infections and other health issues. People with obesity can wear it since it can help them lose weight.
  • It has the power to increase spiritual consciousness and help people connect with their higher selves. Pukhraj, with its relaxing qualities, is thought to promote mental stability.


As we end our research on gemstone benefits and uses, it becomes clear that these precious gemstones are more than just aesthetic adornments; they are symbols of positive energy and possible health boosters. Here, with the guide to the effect of gemstones on human body, we can understand that each gemstone tells a unique story of ancient wisdom and modern well-being. So, whether you want to adorn yourself with flair or find a gemstone for health benefits, let the sparkling beauty and intrinsic energies of gemstones brighten your journey. Make sure you buy the most genuine and original gemstone from a trusted store.

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