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Matthew Lepre : Facts About The Star E-Commerce Entrepreneur

Matthew Lepre
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Highlights :

  • Matthew Lepre’s success story starts with a very humble beginning.
  • He dropped out of college because he thought that it was not his path to move on.
  • He is not only a famous eCommerce entrepreneur but also an individual who wants to help people to do the same.

At present, Matthew Lepre is an individual who earns a seven-figure salary. This twenty-nine years old is a college dropout just like Bill Gates and Mark Zukerberg. Matthew was enrolled in the University of Melbourne and was going to become a dentist. In later days, he felt like this is not the path that he will be able to walk on for a long time. After quitting college after four years of studying, he intended to work three manual jobs to support his mother. However, Matthew was always looking for something that would not cost him so much physical work, and eventually, he was able to find a way through which he was able to earn money outside the 9 to 5 routine.

Matthew As A Businessperson

Matthew started by investing in products he sourced from China. The first venture was skin products, and eventually, he got into educational products. Both of the businesses were successful and gave him a revenue of $120,000 a month.

This success made him a seven-figure online entrepreneur, but he felt that he should keep moving rather than stopping where he was. To achieve this, he decided to sign up for business monitoring sessions that are taught by many foreign teachers.

By learning and applying the knowledge to his business, he prospered. Apart from earning himself, Matthew also wanted to teach people what he knows and help them be successful. Matthew Lepre’s success helped him a lot in doing so. Many people were interested in learning the tactics and knowledge that can help one to be successful, and thus he founded Ecom Warrior Academy. The course offered by Matthew includes everything about the online industry that a person should know.

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Ecom Warrior Academy – Academy Founded By Matthew Lepre

Ecom Warrior Academy also provides one-on-one assistance for the benefit of the learners.  Apart from his academy, he also offers mentoring programs to people willing to learn. Under his guidance, many people have achieved what they dreamt of, like fifteen-year-old Ashwin from Australia who managed to generate $140,000 in just four months, and twelve years old Don, who managed to earn $5,000 in just six days. There are many such success stories linked with Matthew, and that is why many people look forward to learning from him. Even people with no experience are ready to enroll in Matthew’s mentoring program. 

Apart from the paid sessions, he also provides many strategies to become a seven-figure online entrepreneur free of cost. He shares many tips and tricks on his social media accounts like Instagram and YouTube, so if any individual can not afford to get into the program, they can still learn something daily. 

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Matthew’s success is not limited to what he earns. He also publishes very helpful articles in famous magazines such as Forbes. He wants to help people earn money, and there are many things you can access for free, like the dropshipping mini-course at the Ecom Warrior Academy website, and you can also download a free marketing agency script from the Matthew Lepre website. He also offers daily group mentoring, live chat, zoom call sessions, unlimited email support, and product assistance to individuals who sign up for the paid services and courses he provides.

Final Words

Forbes Business Council is an invite-only organization for successful businesspersons. Matthew Lepre bagged a spot in this circle which is exclusive to business owners and founders who generate more than $500,000 annually. Members of Forbes Business Council are also selected based on their leadership experience, management skills, customer engagement, and business growth.

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