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Who Was Princess Diana? The Life And Death Of Princess Diana – The Princess Of Wales

Death Of Princess Diana
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The global fascination with Princess Diana, because there was no one like her ever before and since then. The people were easily fascinated by the enigma she carried. Princess Diana was popularly known as the People’s Princess. Princess Diana husband, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales was often overshadowed by her limelight. Read this article to know who was princess Diana in detail. Also, this article will reveal a lot of information about the death of Princess Diana and some must-watch movies about princess Diana.

Who Was Princess Diana? – History And Early Life

Diana, Princess of Wales, formerly Lady Diana Frances Spencer, was born on 1 July 1961 at Park House near Sandringham, Norfolk. She was the fourth child of her parents, John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer and Frances Roche. Her family was an aristocrat who had close relations with the Royal family. 

Diana as a child had a miserable childhood as her parents divorced when she was just 7. Her mother left them for another man. She began her official schooling in Silfield Private School in Norfolk, prior to which she attended home tuitions under her governess. 

who was princess Diana

She did not perform well academically but was awarded from West Heath for her outstanding community spirit. She was a talented pianist and had excellence in swimming, diving, ballet, and tap dance. She even worked as a nanny and did a few low-paying jobs. She finally got a job as a pre-school assistant which she continued till her marriage. 

Princess Diana’s Marriage – Princess Diana Husband And Controversies

Diana met Charles, who later become Princess Diana husband, when she was just 16 and Prince Charles was dating her sister, Sarah. They again met during a polo match in which Prince Charles was performing. Prince Charles thought of Princess Diana as a perfect match for himself. Despite the huge age difference, the relationship continued. Prince Charles proposed to Princess Diana on the 6th of February, 1981 and the engagement was made official on the 24th of February, 1981. 

The couple got married on the 29th of July, 1981. On getting married to Prince Charles, Princess Diana received the title of Princess of Wales. Within the first three years of marriage, the couple was blessed with two sons, Prince William (born 21st June 1982) and Prince Harry (born 15th September 1984). The age difference and incompatibility created a lot of problems in the marriage. 

Prince Charles who was Princess Diana husband resumed his relationship with his former girlfriend, Camilla provoking Diana to allegedly have an affair with Major James Hewitt. This whole series of events made Diana commit several suicide attempts, leading her to eating disorders and other mental illnesses including depression. 

The couple agreed to divorce in February, 1996. The divorce was finalized on the 28th of August, 1996. During the divorce, she was stripped of her title of “Her Royal Highness” on a special request made by Prince Charles. Although the queen wanted Princess Diana to continue with the title. When the couple divorced, Princess Diana faced a lot of trouble because of the media attention. 

princess Diana husband

Death Of Princess Diana – The Role Of Paparazzi And Global Mourning

After the separation from Prince Charles, Princess Diana involved herself in several campaigns and took full advantage of her public image in a good way. She used her image in spreading awareness about AIDS and HIV patients. She even valued the mental disorders as she faced a few of them herself. 

Princess Diana was also known for anti-British Royal family norms which were far more politically beneficial especially in the banning landmines campaign. Princess Diana was reported to have a romantic relationship with Dodi Fayed. 

On being pursued by the paparazzi, on the 30th of August, 1997, Princess Diana and Fayed, along with the driver and Dodi’s bodyguard tried to avoid the paparazzi by speeding the car. The car lost control and crashed. The driver and Dodi Fayed died instantly while Princess Diana survived the crash but later died at the hospital due to several fatal injuries. 

The death of Princess Diana brought together instant grief and sorrow. The direct blame was aimed at the direction of the paparazzi. Princess Diana’s death funeral on the 6th of September, 1997 attracted global attention and millions gathered to witness the funeral ride.

Documentaries And Movies About Princess Diana

The entertainment industry has been portraying the life of this enigmatic figure in movies. Some of the movies about Princess Diana’s life include: 

1. Diana: Her True Story

Starting with her most famous documentary cum biography penned down by Andrew Morton, “Diana: Her True Story”. In this Princess Diana has openly spoken about her heartbreak because of Prince Charles’ affair. She came up with her confessions which she never shared, because of her duty to the crown.

2. Kristen Stewart Starrer Spencer

The movies about Princess Diana mostly elevated a particular issue instead of revealing who Princess Diana was. One such movie is Kristen Stewart starrer Spencer released in 2021 based on the 3-day life experience of Princess Diana during the Christmas holidays. It is fiction but rumors say it is based on true events.

3. Diana, 7 Days

One of the documentaries, “Diana, 7 Days” shares the impact of the death of Princess Diana on her sons and the public. The interviews of Prince William and Prince Harry about sharing their memories after her death are included.

4. Other Movies

Other movies about Princess Diana include- Diana: Our Mother, Her Life and Legacy, Unlawful Killing, The Queen, Diana, Diana: Queen of Hearts.


In her life, the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana received a lot of controversies due to their alleged affairs. The people’s princess who was Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris. The death of Princess Diana led to a huge mass mourning and attracted public attention globally. 

Even speculations were made about the involvement of the paparazzi in the death of Princess Diana. This People’s princess was and will be always known for her kind gestures, public appearances regarding people’s concerns and effortless and selfless nature. 

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