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New Omicron Variant BA.2 – Facts About The Stealth Omicron

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Covid-19 is mutating itself continuously, giving rise to highly transmissible and contagious variants and sub-variants. According to experts, the former variants of Covid-19, namely Delta, were highly severe and posed a serious threat to humankind! In a recent study performed by the World Health Organization, the new Omicron variant BA.2 is found which has high transmission power but with less severity to cause discomfort or cost lives! 

But, does it differ from the previous Omicron sub-variant BA.1? How does it differ from its predecessors? Well, to get an answer to your question, you need to follow up on the next section! 

How Does BA.2 Sub-variant Differ From BA.1? 

The recently discovered sub-variant of Omicron, the new Omicron variant BA.2 has spread rapidly in parts of Europe, Denmark, Germany, South Africa, and amongst other countries as well.  But, what advantages does it have over the initial variants? Let’s see what experts have to say on this! 

Studies performed by Experts indicate that the newly emerged BA.2 variant is better at transmitting itself than the previous variants. Additionally, it is resistant to immunities from previous vaccinations or infections, making it spread quickly among the masses.

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BA.2 sub-variant also differs in genetic sequence from that of the BA.1 sub-variant of Omicron. BA.2 differs from BA.1 in the differences between spike proteins and other sets of proteins! The vaccines were prepared on the basis of earlier variants! Thus, a new set of genetic mutations in the new sub-variant might render the existing vaccines useless! What are otter studies indicating about the new Omicron variant BA.2? Let’s discuss them in the next section.

Facts On The Stealth Omicron 

In this section, we will focus on some interesting facts and key features of the new Omicron variant BA.2.

1. According to reports, there is an increase in the BA.2 infection among Denmark, the Philippines, etc.

2. It has been reported that if an individual has once been infected with the BA.1 sub-variant, then it is less likely that they will develop an infection to the BA.2 variant. The immunity from the BA.1 variant makes the individual resistant to the new sub-variant.

3. The BA.2 variant has been named the stealth Omicron because of the complexity in determining the infection through PCR tests.

4. According to the reports by Helix, a genomics firm based in San Diego, the BA.2 infection accounts for about 50-70℅ of SARS-COV-2 cases in the United States.

5. According to a statement by Dr. Fauci, the Chief Medical Advisor of White House USA, the BA.2 has 60℅ more transmissible power than its previous relatives.

6. The key symptoms of the new infection include dizziness and exhaustion, accompanied by fever and chills.


While there has been an exponential increase in the new Omicron variant BA.2, still a ray of hope is visible. The new variant is less severe than its relatives! According to experts, the best way to prevent BA.2 infections is a regular dosage of vaccines and proper booster shots! 

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