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Inside US Marines: Unknown Facts About US Marine Corps

facts about US marine corps
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Founded in the year 1775, on 10th November by Captain Samuel Nicolas in the Tun Tavern in Philadelphia. The U. S. Marine Corps on 16th March 1945, captured the Japanese island of Iwo Jima during World War II. In this article, we have compiled a few unknown facts about US Marine Corps that will blow your mind! 

Why Was The Marine Corps Established?

facts about US Marines | Trending Reader

During the period of the American Revolution, US President John Adams drafted a resolution stating to raise two battalions of Marines to serve for the Navy! The Continental Marines were established in the year 1775 in Philadelphia. 

Unknown Facts About US Marine Corps

Are you aware that the three values of the US Marine Corps are: Commitment, Courage, and Honour? Are you aware that the Marine Band is known as the “ President’s Own”? Do you want to learn more interesting and unknown facts about US Marine Corps? Then, this article is for you! Read the below points to know about the unknown facts about the Continental Marines. 

US marine corps facts | Trending Reader

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1. The Navajo Language 

facts about US marines

The Marine Corps gained victory over Japan in World War II by developing a code for the complicated Navajo language. 

2. The Mountain Dog

marines in ww1

During World War 1, in the Battle Of Belleau, they were made to wear gas masks and climb up a hill which made them tired and exhausted and they looked all red with exhaustion! When the Germans saw them climbing upwards with four limbs, they thought these unusual figures resembled the fierce mountain dogs from folk tales! 

3. Finish eating in no time 

marines eating

There is a rule prevalent in the US Marine Corps that the recruiters should finish their eating with their drill instructor. They are not allowed extra time to eat after their drillmaster has completed his eating.

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4. Don’t hide your hand 

Marine Corps in the uniform is not granted permission to put their hands inside their pockets! They are not allowed to hide their hands-on duty! 

5. Umbrellas in uniform 

In the US Marine Corps, only the female marine corps are permitted to carry umbrellas on duty! Male Marines are not allowed to do so!

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6. A different emblem 

us marines badges

The Marine gunners have a different emblem attached to the two uniform collars! They are the only rank holders who have different badges on the left and right sides of their collars.

7. Swimming is not mandatory for promotion 

While it is true that the US Marine Corps is the amphibious force that attacks the land through seas, swimming is not a mandatory skill to be promoted to a higher rank. 

8. The PIG and the HOG 

The PIG or Professionally Instructed Gunmen is the title of a marine sniper who did not manage to kill his enemy snipers in fights. While the HOG is the title earned by the marine sniper who has managed to kill his enemy sniper and upgraded his new status as the Hunter of Gunmen! 

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9. Famously called the “ Jarheads”


The US Marine Corps is popularly known as the jarheads due to their hairstyle. They prefer high and tight hairstyles and haircuts which have earned them the title “Jarhead”. 

10. The Marines vs the Army 

It is known that the Marines are famous for their amphibious battles. Still, they did not take part in the Normandy Invasion – the most famous amphibious battle! Some people say that this is because the Army had more manpower than the Marines, and thus they were assigned the job to fight the battle.

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11. The Birthday Bash 

marine corps birthday celebration

During the birthday celebration of the US Marine Corps, a name like a sword is used to cut the cake instead of a knife, and the same distribution is a thing to watch! The first piece of cake is handed to the Guest of Honour, followed by the Oldest and the Youngest Marine! 

12. The significance of the emblems 

Marine Corps Emblem significance

Each emblem in the US Marine Corps has a different meaning. The emblem Globe represents the Marines’ responsibility to serve around the globe while the Eagle represents freedom and royalty! 

13. A form of motivation 

In order to motivate themselves to perform better each day, the Marine Corps hides their next high rank inside their pockets! This acts as a form of motivation for them! 

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We hope that these facts about US Marine Corps will help you to gain more knowledge on the Continental Marines.

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