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interesting Unheard Facts About Malcolm X

facts about Malcolm x | Trending reader
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Malcolm X (or Malcolm Stuart Little) was born on May 19, 1925, in the Omaha, Nebraska state of the United States. He was an African-American activist and a leader who belonged to the Muslim community. Here in this article, we will discuss some of the unknown facts about Malcolm X.

facts about Malcolm x | Trending Reader

Malcolm worked as a human rights activist who participated in civil rights movements. He promoted Islam in the black community as he was the vocal advocate for black empowerment. Malcolm joined the Nation of Islam while he was sentenced to jail, for several illicit activities in 1946, for ten years. Later he became a controversial figure in American black communities and Islamic communities, so he began to receive several death threats from the Nation of Islam. on February 21, 1965, Malcolm X was assassinated by the men of the Nation of Islam. After several controversies and jail sentences, he built his legacy as an activist, leader, and minister.

Facts About Malcolm X You Must Know

facts about Malcolm x | trending reader
  • Malcolm Grew As An Orphan

When he was 6, his father died out of undeclared circumstances. It is assumed that his father might be a victim of white supremacy and oppression. After his father’s death, his mother went into a nervous breakdown, due to which the welfare society separated him from his family and siblings. He was then sent to a foster home. There he fell into a vicious trap and performed several illicit activities for which he was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment.

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  • Malcolm Was A Feminist

Malcolm had different thoughts about the feminine section of society. He wanted them to have absolute fundamental rights and had raised his voice against the odds. Malcolm severely questioned the orthodox traditions that were imposed over women in the mosques. He also grew conspiracies and controversies against himself because of this. He left the Nation of Islam because of Elijah Mohommad, the Nation of Islam leader, who was convicted of sexual harassment several times.

  • Malcolm Quit School Out Of Rage

One of the interesting facts about Malcolm X is that he quit school while he was very young. He was in his eighth standard when once his teacher disrespected his dreams of being a lawyer. His teacher abused him scornfully and said dreaming of being a lawyer for a black minority child is an unrealistic dream. Therefore, he quit school and began to live life on his terms to fight injustice.

  • Detroit Red

Very few people know this fact about Malcolm X that he was nicknamed “Detroit Red” during his young days. While Malcolm was involved in the world of drugs, dealing, gambling, and pimping, his friends from the group called him Detroit Red because of his hair color. Malcolm fell for such activities after he ran from his foster home and began to fight for himself. This incident changed him and his life.

  • Malcolm X’s Name Transformation

Malcolm’s real name was Malcolm Stuart Little or Malcolm Little, but later, he dropped his last name Little. He always believed that “Little” was the slave name that slid down to him in the family. Therefore he replaced “Little” with “X” and became Malcolm X.


Malcolm is not just a name today. He has built his legacy beyond life. His incredible movements and empowering words made people aware and helped them stand against all odds. Therefore, Malcolm is remembered as a symbol of equality and empowerment today.

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