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Did Kennedy Killed Marilyn – Dark Secrets of Kennedy Brothers

did kennedy killed marilyn
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Marilyn Monroe established a brand and reputation for herself that has gone on for decades. She left us with a legacy of powerful feminist words, inspiration, and debate. An important thing to know is did Kennedy Killed Marilyn? This article will reveal the same including how did Marilyn Monroe die and what happened between Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy.

Who Was Marilyn Monroe?

Marilyn Monroe beautiful smile

Marilyn Monroe was an instant media sensation the moment she walked onto the scene. She began her career modeling and acting in modest roles in films, her first two of which were as a mistress. When Monroe posed as the first-ever centerfold for Hugh Hefner’s Playboy magazine, some argue she placed the publication on the map. She defied social norms and, strangely enough, was applauded for it. 

Monroe rose to a level of celebrity that allowed her to visit the President of the United States – not everyone shared connections with him. This was John F. Kennedy at the time. Kennedy was apparently with Jackie when the two met, and Monroe was engaged with Arthur Miller, a writer. It was reported that the meeting took place during a dinner party in 1961.

What Happened Between Marilyn Monroe And Kennedy?

Marilyn Monroe with Robert Kennedy and John F. Kennedy

At the microphone, the 35-year-old actress was exposed in a skin-tight, rhinestone-encrusted dress that made her look virtually nude. It elicited a cry of surprise from the crowd during President John F. Kennedy’s early birthday celebration in May 1962.

More than 2,500 hand-embedded crystals were hand-stitched into the custom-made, flesh-colored creation by Jean Louis, which was so tight that Marilyn had to be sewed into it. ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President,’ she sang, her voice throbbing with sexiness. It was characterized by one journalist as “making love to the President in front of 40 million Americans.”

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How Did Marilyn Get Murdered? Did Kennedy Killed Marilyn?

So, exactly how did the much-loved sex legend die? There are a few possibilities, but practically all of them revolve around Monroe’s “too much” knowledge. Many people believe the FBI poisoned and killed Monroe, while others believe the Kennedy brothers did it. Monroe’s death has officially been deemed an overdose and potential suicide, which was easy to accept given her history of mental health problems. On August 4, 1962, she was discovered naked in her bed, with her medications strewn around the room. Bobby Kennedy happened to be in town at the time.

Even more shocking, it was Bobby Kennedy who handed Marilyn the poisonous drink that killed her, while Peter Lawford sat back and watched. When Rothmiller confronted Lawford with the facts 20 years later, the actor sobbed and confessed. However, because the cover-up stretched well beyond the Kennedys, the tale has been hidden for 40 years.

For decades, the cop remained mute, afraid for his life as long as top cops from the era were still conscious and able to frighten him and his family. He is still wary of disclosing what he knows after forty years, and he still takes measures, storing his discoveries and documents in secure locations.


Monroe’s maid, Eunice Murray, disclosed evidence that stoked the embers of these ideas 2 decades years after her death. Bobby Kennedy had not only been in the city but had also visited Monroe on the day of her death, she said. During Murray’s visitation, the two got into an altercation, according to Murray. 

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