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Can You Smoke In Public: Smoking Laws In New York & Other Facts

facts about newyork city
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The City Of Big Apple has much more to offer to us than just the mesmerizing views of the Manhattan skyline or the luxurious stays! In this article, we will take you on a virtual trip to the City That Never Sleeps and will find answers to the most common question asked about New York City, “ What Are The Smoking Laws In New York“. 

We will also take a glimpse of some of the weirdest facts about New York City. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into it! 

Facts About New York City 

While many travelers think that there’s nothing left in the city to unravel, it is a joy to announce that the ever-changing city has many of its things yet to be discovered! In this section, we have compiled and collected some of the lesser-known facts about New York City that will surely attract you to it! 

1. What Are The Smoking Laws In New York?

The Big Apple has strict laws to protect the youths from the addictive clutches of tobacco and harmful drugs! According to the Smoking laws in New York, it is prohibited to advertise tobacco products within 500 feet of school premises. 

girl smoking cigarette near Times Square, newyork city

Additionally, children under the age of 21 do not have access to tobacco products. If any retailer or shop person is found committing such crimes, they are subjected to fines, and in some cases, their legal permission to sell tobacco can be canceled. The Clean Indoor Air Act restricts the chewing or smoking of tobacco products inside residencies and in the workplace as well.

2. Is Cigarette Smoking Banned In New York

Much like the Clean Indoor Air Act, the Smoke-Free Air Act prohibits smoking cigarettes in and around public places like hospitals, beaches, children’s parks, etc. On March 30, 2003, a law banning cigarette smoking in all places of employment, including restaurants and bars, went into effect in New York City.

3. The Big Apple – Why New York Is Known As Big Apple

Why New York Is Called The Big Apple

Amidst all the weird facts about New York City, the emergence of the name “The Big Apple” boasts the weirdest story about itself! In earlier days, Big Apple referred to the prizes acquired during a horse race. After the sportswriter, Fitzgerald started writing about the city’s horse racing events, the term began to gain more attention. Again, New York was the central place for jazz performers, who also started to call New York the “Big Apple“! But, the actual naming of New York as “Big Apple” began when the city initiated a campaign to increase tourism in the state. In the campaign, Big Red Apples were used as a pictorial representation of the state, against the popular belief that the State had become the hub of Crimes and criminals! 

4. Why New York Is So Expensive

people walking on the streets of Times Square, New York

Before answering the question as to why New York is so expensive, let us first take a look at the social and economic conditions of the city! New York has high-paying jobs, in contrast to other parts of the country. New York City has the strongest economy in the country! Other regions follow the path of New York when it comes to making financial decisions. But, there is a scarcity of supplies in New York. 

Not every person in the city has access to everything! This leads to more demands and lesser supplies, making the prices rise high. Additionally, the people have to pay high taxes and insurance rates to the state, and public services are also rising every day. All these factors have contributed together to New York being so expensive. 

5. Why New York Is So Populated

busy street in New York City

New York has a scarcity of resources, among which land scarcity is the highest! Thus, making it the most densely populated city in the country. Additionally, New York has something for everyone! With its diverse range of industries, New York has something for everyone. People can always find a way to sustain their living. Thus, people immigrate to New York in search of jobs. Apart from this, steep growth in trade and less child mortality have added to the population of the city.

6. Why Is New York Not The Capital Of The USA? 

During the formation of a New US Government in 1789, soon after the American War Of Independence, following a written Constitution, New York was the capital city of the USA! But, the southern slave states feared that a permanent capital city in New York would give enough powers to the Northern States to ban black slavery! Around that time, the Northern States were buried under debt! Thus, by taking advantage of the vulnerability of the Northern States, the slave States decided on a compromise! 

black slaves in USA

According to the compromise, the capital city would be established around the slave States, Maryland and Virginia and the debts of the Northern States would be taken over by the Government. Later after New York emerged as the greatest economic power, the Government was hesitant to shift the capital to New York City for fear of destructive criticism from other States. 

7. The Linguistic Diversity 

New York City is home to more than 800 different linguistic groups in the country. 

8. Going All Topless

Topless Day Parade in New York City

Although honking cars is illegal in New York City, going all topless isn’t considered a crime! Too strange, isn’t it?

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9. Who’s Whispering? 

whispering gallery in Grand Central Terminal

The Grand Central Terminal in New York City has a whispering gallery, where you both can stand on opposite diagonal corners of the room and can whisper to each other. 

10. The Statue Of Liberty

Statue of Liberty in Newyork

Though the Statue of Liberty is one of the main attractions of the United States, it was a gift from France to the US for its centennial celebration! It is currently situated on Ellis Island!

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11. Preserving The Legendary Scientist

Albert Einsteinn brain stored in New York


The greatest scientist of all time, Albert Einstein’s brain and eyeballs are preserved securely in New York City!  

12. The Pizza Principle 

NYC's Oldest Pizzeria

The first-ever US pizzeria was opened in 1895 by the Lombardi’s and they still serve some of the best pizzas in the city! According to economists, the cost of a single subway ride and a slice of pizza has remained approximately equal over the years! But, strangely enough, when the price of one rises, the cost of the other automatically rises! 


Do we hope that this article can answer your question as to what are the smoking laws in New York? There are more bizarre facts about New York that are still left to be discovered! The city, with its luxury and mesmerizing views, also remains one of the greatest mysteries of all time! 

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