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Everything About Krishna – Why is Krishna called By Different Names

Why is Krishna called
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Krishna is considered to be a popular god which is worshipped in the Hindu community. Krishna is considered to be Supreme God according to, his own right. He is known to exhibit great compassion, provide protection, and demonstrate extreme tenderness and love. The birthday of Krishna is celebrated as Krishna Janmashtami, for a period of two days. Krishna’s birthday is calculated using the Hindu calendar. It usually falls between the last week of August and the beginning of September. Some states in India considered this a national public holiday whereas several others do not. Here’s everything about Krishna and why is Krishna called by so many names:

Everything About Krishna

1. Why does Krishna wear a peacock feather?

The feather of the bird peacock is considered to have all the colours that nature possesses. Krishna wears the feather to symbolize the wide range of colour tones in which humans are formed. 

This also indicates that all human beings are a part of the almighty. Just like the feather seems to be blue in colour during the daytime and appears to be black at night, Krishna also appears to be blue in the morning and black by night.

2. Why didn’t Krishna marry Radha?

The highest form of devotion was considered to be the selfless love of Radha. Radha surrendered herself to Krishna and so she was united with Krishna with the need for an actual marriage. 

3. Why did Krishna have 16000 wives?

Krishna had 16,108 wives to be exact. Krishna accepted all women to be his wife so that their honour would be restored and they will not be humiliated by anyone. To restore the lives of the women trapped on dharma and to provide them with a high status that is equal to a queen, Krishna married them all.

4. Why did Rukmini want to marry Krishna?

Rukmini is one of the Hindu Goddesses and is known as the chief wife of Krishna. Rukmini is worshipped along with Krishna in several states including Maharastra. Rukmini fell in love with Krishna because of his acts of heroism such as killing demons. Rukmini’s parents gave her permission to marry Krishna as well. This is why Rukmini wanted to marry Krishna.

Why is Krishna called By Different Names?

5. Why is Krishna called Banke Bihari?

One of the most commonly used nicknames for Krishna is Banke Bihari. The word Banke refers to “bent in three places” or not straight and the word Bihari means “supreme enjoyer”. 

As it is known that the deity Krishna is fond of standing in a bent posture while playing the flute, this is why Krishna was given the name Banke Bihari. This posture involves being bent in three places, which are legs, head, and waist. This posture is famously used in classical dances.

6. Why is Krishna called Govind?

Another name that is used to call Krishna is Govind. One of the reasons why Krishna is referred to as Govind is that, when Krishna was called by Draupadi, who is the wife of the Pandavas for help as she was humiliated by the entire royal court, Draupadi used the word “Govind” to call upon Krishna. 

Once she said that Krishna appeared in front of her and protected her honour. So the “Govind” is used by people when they are in need of protection or when they are helpless. This also means that Krishna grants the power of speech and it refers to the “Lord of Senses”. 

7. Why is Krishna called Murari?

According to the Sanskrit language, the word “ari” has the meaning “to slain”. Since Deity Krishna was the one who killed Mura which is a demon, he was given the title Marari. Mura is known to be a powerful demon who ruled over three worlds. As demons were usually killed by Gods, Mura approached Brahma and pleased him, and asked him to make him immortal. But this was not granted as it was not possible. 

Muta then asked Brahma to give him the boon through which whoever touches Mura on the battlefield should die. This wish was granted and when the day came when he was on a battlefield to fight against Vishnu, Mura was tricked to touch himself and was set on fire because of his own hands. This is how Krishna killed Mura and gained the title Murari. 

8. Why is Krishna called Thakurji?

The term Thakurji is very fondly utilized by the devotees of Lord Krishna. The word Thakur means “Village Head”, this refers to the leader of a village or a tribe, or a clan. 

The word “Ji” represents a tone of respect. So, these two words combined together give a powerful expression that is used to address the deity, Krishna. Through this expression, Lord Krishna is addressed as the head or the ruler of all the devotees. 

9. Why Krishna is called laddu Gopal?

Krishna shows up as a child and eats laddu from the house of Kumbhandas Ji. This is why he was given the name “laddu Gopal”. Laddu Gopal is believed to bring good luck and happiness to the family. 

10. Why is Krishna called Keshav? 

Krishna was known as Keshav for two reasons.

  1. The word “kashavea” refers to a person who has long beautiful hair. Since Krishna has unshorn beautiful hair, he was called Keshav.
  2. According to Hindu Mythology, Keshi is a horse demon that was sent by Krishna’s uncle to kill him. But Krishna killed the demon and was given the name “Keshav” which also means “killer of Keshi”, the demon. 


Through this, it is believed that all the most basic and common questions that arise about Krishna are cleared. For anyone who is not aware of the deity Krishna or his life or how people treat and worship him, and how people address him, you can be sure to find everything about Krishna. 

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