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Shri Krishna Janmashtami – Why Janmashtami Is Celebrated For 2 Days?

Why Janmashtami Is Celebrated For 2 Days
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Gokulashtami is also known as Krishna Janmashtami, this is a festival that is celebrated by all the enthusiasts of Lord Krishna. Shri Krishna Janmashtami is usually celebrated by singing devotional songs for Krishna and fasting by the devotees of Krishna. This festival is often celebrated either in the month of August or September. Know why Janmashtami is celebrated for 2 days i.e Krishna Jayanti and Dahi Handi. Also, here are some happy Janmashtami post ideas that you can share with your friends and family.

Shri Krishna Janmashtami – An Overview

Shri Krishna Janmashtami is a festival that is celebrated by the Hindus. The birth of baby Krishna is celebrated as Janmashtami. Krishna is one of the most popular gods among the Hindu community and is widely worshipped. Krishna is said to have been around 3228 BC. 

This festival always starts at midnight as it is believed that the deity Krishna is born at midnight. On this day, devotees keep fast for 24 hours. Janamashtmi is usually celebrated for 2 days and the reason why is Janamashtmi celebrated for 2 days lies in the constellation. But according to some sources, it also involves the involvement of two societies that is the Smaart and the Vaishnav, which celebrate Janamashtmi on different days.

Janmashtami Celebration Date And Time

The Vedic Panchang, which can be simplified to mean a calendar based on Vedic astrology, had predicted that the thithi begins on August 18 at 9:21 PM and last till August 19, 10:59 PM in the year 2022. This is why Janmashtami is celebrated for 2 days. 

  • The first day of celebration is known to be Krishna Jayanti.
  • The second day of celebration is celebrated as Dahi Handi.

First Day – Krishna Jayanti

During Krishna Jayanti, the first day of the celebration, people prepare their houses by decorating them for the birth of Krishna. Most of the devotees do not sleep through the night of Krishna Jayanthi. 

Second Day – Dahi Handi

During Dahi Handi, the second day of celebrating Shri Krishna Janmashtami, people form pyramids by standing on top of each other. Once they form the pyramid they try to break the pot containing yogurt which translates to Dahi which will be hung from a particular height.

Why Janmashtami Is Celebrated For 2 Days?

Why Two Dates For Janmashtami?

According to Puranas, Janmashtami is observed in the month of Bhadrapada on 8th day (Ashtami) in Krishna Paksha of Rohini Nakshatra. The Hindu calendar is followed for festival references but when observed in the Gregorian calendar, the dates might vary and have probable chances of being celebrated on two consecutive days. 

The festival lies in the month of August- September, according to the Gregorian calendar. The celebrations are carried out till midnight as Lord Krishna was born at midnight. This is one of the reasons why is Janmashtami celebrated for 2 days. 

The Smaart And Vaishnav Janmashtami Celebrations

Often, when Janmashtami is observed on one day, it is celebrated on the same day by both the Smaart and Vaishnav. But when it is observed on 2 days, it is celebrated by the Smaart on the first day and then by the Vaishnav on the second day. 

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) is based on the ideology of the Vaishnav as most of the followers of the society are Vaishnav. The Smaart are not bound to any society and prefer Saptami (the 7th day) as auspicious for the celebration of Janmashtami. But the Vaishnav follow the constellation and are bound to Rohini Nakshatra for the celebration of Janmashtami as it is observed on Ashtami (8th day).  This was another reason why Janmashtami is celebrated for 2 days. 

Happy Janmashtami Post Ideas

Below are some of the happy Janmashtami post ideas:

Few Final Words

Through this, it is understood why Janmashtami is celebrated for 2 days straight. Though some states in India have declared it a national holiday, several other states did not declare shri krishna Janmashtami as a public holiday.

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