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Why Durga puja is famous in Bengal? The Celebration Of Womanhood

Why Durga puja is famous in Bengal
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What does the ‘City of joy’ – Kolkata in West Bengal remind you of? Is it the royal architectural buildings or the local cuisines? Well, although the above-mentioned things are deeply connected to the beautiful state, there is something more special about West Bengal. This age-old state knows how to stay connected to its roots. The culture and tradition of West Bengal are what makes it unique from others! And, what can be a better example of the culture, tradition, and grandeur of West Bengal than the world-famous Durga puja? The five days long festival of West Bengal has its own unique charm and beauty. Although Durga puja is celebrated in different forms in every corner of India, this celebration in West Bengal is unmatched. Why Durga puja is famous in Bengal? 

Why has UNESCO awarded Durga puja in West Bengal as a world heritage? Why do people flock to the state of Bengal to join the grand celebration? Let’s know below.

Why Durga Puja Is Famous In Bengal – Festival Of Unity And Brotherhood 

Durga puja is just not a mere social event for the Bengalis, rather it is an emotion for the people of West Bengal. The Bengalis wait eagerly for one long year to celebrate the five days grand celebration of the supreme power of women! So, the question that everyone wonders is, why Durga puja is famous in Bengal? What is so special about this five days long celebration that people from all over the world come to join the grand carnival? 

The Five Days Durga Puja Celebration In Bengal

The five days long celebration, as the Bengalis name them- Shashthi, Saptami, Ashtami, Navami, and Dashami, follows a different ritual to worship the Adishakti. These days, people from different walks of life, regardless of their caste, creed and religion take part in the grand festivity. Starting from pandal hopping to enjoying with friends and family, the vibes of Durga puja in West Bengal are unparalleled! Joy and happiness know no bounds for the people residing in Bengal during these five long days of celebration. 

Dhunuchi Naach

Whether it is the Dhaakis playing the traditional drums, the famous Dhunuchi naach or the gorgeously adorned idols and the street food, everything has its own beauty and uniqueness. And how can we forget about women, men and children of Bengal adorning themselves in beautiful traditional garments, enjoying their hearts out during the festival? 

Traditional Clothing

One of the most important attractions of Durga puja in Bengal is the traditional clothing that is worn by everyone. The intricate detailing and vibrancy of the dresses make the festival even more beautiful and grand. After the four days long celebration of Maa Durga along with her children and the demon Mahishashura, the day of sadness looms over the state. The tenth day, also known as Dashami, is the day when Maa Durga is believed to return to her husband at Kailash. 

Sindur Khela

The day is celebrated by playing Sindur (Vermilion) Khela among the married women and ultimately Matri Boron is performed when everybody prays to Maa to seek her blessings. 

Durga Visarjan

Ultimately, Visarjan or immersion of the idol is done and the people bid adieu to Maa with teary eyes, chanting the famous lines, ‘Asche Bochor Abar Hobe’ which means ‘Maa Durga, come again soon next year’. 


The madness and craze of Durga puja in West Bengal cannot be described in a few words. If you really want to experience the vibrancy of the festival, do plan a visit to West Bengal during the Durga puja celebration and experience yourself the beauty and charm of this week-long celebration!

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