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Why Broom Is Purchased On Dhanteras – What To Buy On Dhanteras?

what to buy on Dhanteras
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Dhanteras is a festival that marks the beginning of Diwali, a very important and grand festival among Hindus. It is celebrated two days before Diwali and has many interesting legends and practices associated with its celebration. Wondering what to buy on Dhanteras? Did you know that there is a practice of buying broom, gold and metals on Dhanteras? Let us read further the reason why broom is purchased on Dhanteras, why do we buy gold on Dhanteras and lastly, why do we buy metal on Dhanteras.

How Dhanteras is celebrated

What To Buy On Dhanteras?

If you are also looking for what to buy on Dhanteras, here is the list of items you can buy:

  • Electronics items
  • Silver or gold coins
  • Gold jewellery
  • Utensils
  • God and goddess idols
  • Gomti Chakra
  • Broom
  • Metal items

Why Broom Is Purchased On Dhanteras?

There is a belief that bringing a broom into the house on Dhanteras is lucky. It is said to prevent Goddess Lakshmi from leaving the house. Since the broom is meant for cleaning purposes, it attracts Goddess Lakshmi because she always comes only to clean and tidy places. 

There is another interesting belief that broom purchase on Dhanteras can help one clear off their debts and bring good fortune and prosperity to the house. This is the reason why broom is purchased on Dhanteras.

 Why Do We Buy Gold On Dhanteras?

According to an old tale of a wife saving his husband’s life from Lord Yama, it is believed that the life of the man was saved due to the heap of gold jewellery that blocked Lord Yama’s way from entering the house. 

Thus from then on, people consider buying gold on Dhanteras as a ritual that can protect their family from diseases and give them long life and prosperity. Gold is also bought because it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi will visit and bless people on Dhanteras with more wealth. So as a way to attract Goddess Lakshmi is the reason why do we buy gold on Dhanteras.

Why Do We Buy Metal On Dhanteras?

Originating from the same legend of Lord Yama missing his task and sparing the life of the king’s son, metal is believed to be the harbinger of good luck and health. That is the reason why do we buy metal on Dhanteras.

While there’s a trend of buying gold and silver in metals, low-budget Dhanteras also include utensils made of copper, iron or brass.


With Dhanteras almost here, make sure you welcome Goddess Lakshmi in a clean and decorated house in order to receive her blessings. Also, light lots of earthen diyas to ward off any evil doing rounds of your house. Have a happy and prosperous Dhanteras and Diwali!

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