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Top 10 Upcoming Mobile Phones To Watch Out For In 2023

Upcoming Mobile Phones
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Are you excited to get your hands on your new mobile phone? Well, below is the updated list of the best upcoming mobile phones we can expect to see throughout 2023 and into early 2024.

The Best Upcoming Mobile Phones During The Coming Months

1. Apple iPhone 15

Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 15 will be released on September 12. The beautiful Dynamic Island notch will appear on the base iPhone 15 model, and it will almost certainly be on the iPhone 15 Plus. We’d also like to see 8K video recording (because why not) and a periscope zoom camera on the Pro model to improve the weak 10x optical zoom offered by the mighty Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Apple iPhone 15

Remember, if the latest rumours are to be believed, we will see the iPhone 15 Ultra launch instead of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is still Apple’s top dog.

2. Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro

Google can usually be relied upon to release a new phone before the end of the year, and it looks like 2023 will be no different. Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are expected to arrive in October with a better design and improved camera than before. And they will almost certainly run Android 14, which has been in public beta testing for the past few months.

The biggest rumour at the moment is that Google won’t go to the top, keep the storage options accessible, and (hopefully) the price won’t be too bad for the wallet. Until the next generation arrives, the Google Pixel 7 Pro remains one of our favourite phones of 2023 and offers excellent value for money.

3. OnePlus Open

Not much is known about OnePlus’ first foldable phone, which is expected to arrive later this year. The company has yet to announce the announcement, but all signs point to many similarities with sister brand Oppo’s Find N2 model. This means it will be a book-style foldable phone with a shorter and wider bezel than the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and should come with flagship-level hardware.

OnePlus Open | Trending Reader
OnePlus Open | Trending Reader

We bet Hasselblad will help again on the camera front, it should have a fast charging feature. As for software tweaks, OnePlus will make to the foldable display, the latest OnePlus Pad should provide a clue or two on how OxygenOS will work on a larger screen. Don’t worry about folding your phone. OnePlus 11 is an updated version of the original phone.

4. Sony Xperia 5 V

When it comes to the best upcoming mobile phones, Sony hasn’t really compromised. The Xperia 1 V is a best-in-class phone, but the 4K HDR display and camera setup aren’t cheap, meaning the Xperia 5 is best suited for those with a sense of direction. The fifth phone is expected to arrive in the next few months and brings back the features we’ve come to expect from the company, such as expandable storage and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The leaked Images also show the dual camera setup and the new Qualcomm CPU. The 21:9 aspect ratio also looks pretty good. Will it drop below the $1000/£1000 price point? We’ll have to wait and see. If you want to spend some money now, the Xperia 1 V is one of the best cameras still on sale in its legendary format.

5. ASUS ROG Phone 7 Ultimate 

As the name suggests, ASUS’ latest effort is the ultimate gaming phone. Not only does it come with a new Snapdragon chip, but it also has an additional cooling option that uses TEC cooling. It almost guarantees flawless performance and the rest of the phone is great too. 

It has a 6.78-inch OLED display, a second screen on the back for notifications and entertainment, and a large 6,000mAh battery. Still, it’s a reasonable price for three rear cameras, and it’s a very expensive phone. Only serious players should apply.

6. Honor Magic 5 Pro

Another flagship from Honor proves to be dropping its cheap image in the Huawei sub-brand days. The Magic 5 Pro does just about anything with its three capable rear cameras, powerful internals, beautiful display and great battery life. The software still has some flaws and video recording isn’t dangerous to the host, but other than that it’s an attractive alternative to the big competition at this price.

Honor Magic 5 Pro

7. Huawei P60 Pro

The latest variable aperture camera lens and impressive image processing are just the beginning of Huawei’s latest video game. The P60 Pro is also equipped with an f/2.1 wide-aperture telephoto lens that can take macro shots from afar, and the ability to shoot in low light is also important. 

It is among the best cameras sold on the phone today; it’s a shame it comes with Huawei’s usual warning that it doesn’t support Google apps; otherwise, it won’t be appealing in the West.

8. Motorola Razr 40 Ultra/ Razr+

Another on the list of best upcoming mobile phones is Motorola Razr 40 Ultra/ Razr+. The new generation of Motorola flip phones not only have the largest external display of any modern flip phone but also the thinnest and ultralight body. It may not be the camera in the world, but it’s not a pity, and it now includes wireless charging for the first time in the Razr series.

9. Vivo X90 Pro

Vivo isn’t a big name in the UK, but it has done pretty well in photography over the years, along with partner Zeiss. The X90 Pro is the first phone we saw on Blighty to feature a 1-inch main camera sensor that outshines the sensors found in most other smartphones. It is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity chip, which can easily compete with the best Qualcomm has to offer.

10. Xiaomi 13/ Xiaomi 13 Pro

They were introduced early on Xiaomi’s pitch, but eventually, both the Mi 13 and its older brother made their European debut at MWC in February. The flagship model has a flat AMOLED display in an aluminium frame, while the high-end 13 Pro has curved glass and a round shape. 

Xiaomi 13/ Xiaomi 13 Pro

Both are powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU with plenty of RAM and ample storage, but the one photographers will love the most is the Pro. In addition to a 50MP zoom lens and 50MP ultra-wide, the 50MP main camera has a 1-inch camera sensor for excellent bokeh blur and smooth operation. It is also equipped with 120W wired charging and wireless charging functions.

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