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The Story Of Dhanteras And The Significance Of Dhanteras Story

story of Dhanteras
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Dhanteras is also known as ‘Dhantrayodashi’ which is celebrated on the thirteenth day of Kartik month in the Hindu calendar. Many people observe fast on this day, and in the evening, they worship Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi. The ritual is marked complete after hearing the vrat katha which is nothing but the Dhanteras origin story. So what is the story of Dhanteras? Keep reading to know all about the significance of Dhanteras story in various legends.

What Is The Story Of Dhanteras?

Do you know what is the story of Dhanteras? Below are all the adaptations of the Dhanteras story you might want to read.

what is the story of Dhanteras

Dhanteras Vrat Katha

Once Goddess Lakshmi visited Earth with Lord Vishnu, but on one condition that she would resist all earthly temptation and wouldn’t look south. Given her playful nature, Goddess Lakshmi couldn’t resist and went south. 

She was so fascinated by the mustard flowers that she adorned them on herself, positively annoying Lord Vishnu for breaking the promise. He made her stay on Earth for the next 12 years as penance, with the farmer who grew that mustard. 

With Goddess Lakshmi in his house, the farmer grew immensely wealthy but after 12 years, when Lord Vishnu returned to take Goddess Lakshmi away, he wouldn’t budge. So, Goddess Lakshmi promised the farmer that she’ll visit him on the night of Kartik Krishna Trayodashi every year. Thus, this day came to be known as Dhanteras.

The Mythological Story Of Dhanteras

It is believed that a wise king named Hima was blessed with a son. The astrologers predicted that the son would die on his 16th birthday from a snake bite. To save his son’s life upon the suggestion of astrologers, Hima married his son to a girl with a lucky horoscope. On his 16th birthday, to save her husband’s life, the wife hatched a plan and blocked the house entrance with lots of silver and gold jewellery. 

The couple stayed awake the whole night. When Lord Yama came to take the son’s life in the form of a snake, he was bedazzled by the shine of gold and silver, making him unable to see clearly and move ahead. 

Apart from that, the wife also sang melodiously the whole night which distracted the snake and Lord Yama had to return empty-handed because the doom had passed for the boy. 

Emergence of Dhanvantari

In some popular legends, it is believed that it was the day of Dhanteras when Lord Dhanvantari emerged from the Samudra Manthan of Devas and Asuras. 

He was holding a jar of Amrit or Elixir during his emergence and he’s believed to be the greatest physician who can treat everything. He is another incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Significance of Dhanteras story

Based on the above legends and folktales or stories, it is sure that there exists a particular significance of Dhanteras story. In the first legend, it is believed that keeping your house clean and lighting it with Diyas to welcome Goddess Lakshmi on Dhanteras will bring lots of wealth to homes. 

According to the second legend, the significance of Dhanteras story is that the ladies celebrate Dhanteras for their husband’s longevity and the prosperity of the household. The third legend clearly signifies Dhanteras as a festival that grants good health and long life.


Whether it is wealth or health, festivals are always a happy affair in every household. And with Dhanteras marking the start of the 5-day Diwali festival, we wish everyone a very happy Diwali and Happy Dhanteras!

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