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Death Of Adolf Hitler & Fall Of Nazi – Why Did Hitler Kill Himself

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Adolf Hitler, the founder of Nazism and the ruler of Nazi Germany, perpetrated suicide, along with his young wife, Eva Braun, inside their Berlin Bunker by swallowing cyanide pills. Read this article to find out why did Hitler kill himself?

Hitler And Mass Genocide

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Upon coming to power in Germany in the year 1933, Adolf Hitler built the Dachau Concentration camp in the same year on 10th March where at least 32,000 people died. Initially, Dachau housed political prisoners like communists and followers of socialism. Later, the Dachau concentration camp expanded itself and took in its grip Catholics, paralyzed individuals, and finally the Jews. 

During World War 2 to the early 1940s, the Dachau was expanded enough to become a concentration camp. The conditions were subhuman in the Dachau camp. The majority of them died due to malnutrition and disease. Rest were shot dead by Nazi officials. The liberation of the Dachau concentration camp was followed by the entry of the allied forces or the U. S. powers in the year 1945. Most of the prisoners were found dead. Those that were found alive were shifted to the frontal part of Dachau. 

Finally, Germany lost to the Allied forces, which paved the way for the liberation of such camps in Germany. People rejoiced with tears in their eyes. Following these incidents, shocking news took everyone’s breath away! “ Hitler Committed Suicide ! “. But why did Hitler kill himself? What was the reason behind his suicide?  Continue reading to find out the answers yourself. 

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The War-wrecked Germany

In this section, we will reflect on the reasons behind the downfall of the Nazi empire and why did Hitler kill himself. By the end of World War 2, it became crystal clear to the Nazi forces that they would soon disintegrate soon. Most of the Nazi forces were forced to surrender to the Allied powers. 

German forces lost the Stalingrad battle to the Russian soldiers, which worsened the situation even more. Following these incidents, Hitler announced that death was far more acceptable than insult and dishonor and that Hitler would not flee away from Germany. 

He retreated to his bunker in Berlin, where he got the news that Mussolini was shot dead by the Italian forces. Additionally, he got another news that his subordinate, Himmler, had requested the Allied forces to bring an end to this war situation, he resolved to commit suicide. 

The Couple Committed Suicide

Instead of making themselves a thing to laugh and mock at, Hitler and his newly married wife Eva Braun committed suicide! Hitler enquired his personal doctor, Werner Haase, the best way to end one’s life. To his question, Werner put forward the idea that consuming cyanide pills associated with a gunshot in the head is the best way to kill oneself. 

Hitler and wife committed suicide | Trending Reader

He then bid farewell to his closest persons and took shelter in his bunker. Later in the night, he poisoned his dog, and the couple consumed cyanide pills together. Hitler also shot himself dead with his service pistol! He died on 30th April 1945. His body was taken for a funeral at the garden of his bunker before the Allied forces could invade the place! 

The Consequences Of Hitler’s Death The Conclusion

Soon after the death of Hitler, the Nazi power in Germany collapsed and surrendered themselves to the Allied Army! Thus, the death of the Nazi leader marked the end of World War 2! While many historians believe that  Hitler and Eva escaped the war that wrecked Germany, others have completely disagreed on the fact. Several theories were put forward about Hitler’s death. 

Till today, nobody is completely sure as to why did Hitler kill himself? Was it the fear of losing powers? Was it the fear of being mocked and executed to death to destroy peace? Whatever the reason is, the news of Hitler and his wife’s death caused restlessness in the country amidst the emergency situation! 

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