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Spot The Fake Apple AirPods – Tips To Differentiate Fake From Real

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Highlights :

  • Thoroughly analyze the AirPod and check the serial number.
  • The difference between real Apple AirPods and fake ones.
  • Know about the Apple Authentication Service.

Don’t want to get scammed by fake AirPods? We’ve created a checklist for you to verify the genuineness of your AirPods. The quickest way to check the authenticity of an AirPod is to scan the serial number on the inside of the case. After getting that code, check it on the apple site and see if Apple confirms it for you. If you can’t get this code, then follow the steps below to confirm the realness of your fake or real Apple AirPods.

How To Differentiate Fake From Real Apple AirPods

1. Check Serial Number

This is the easiest and most reliable way to distinguish between fake and real AirPods. The real Apple AirPods are provided with a serial number and this is authenticated by Apple on their official website. The drawback is, you can only opt for this method when you have the AirPods in your possession.

You can find this serial number on the lid of the case when you open it. Here you will find a unique AirPod code. Use this serial number on the official website to receive the confirmation. But, beware of frauds as they might switch the cases. This is highly unlikely to happen, but it is not completely impossible.

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2. Analyze The Diffuser

The diffuser found in real AirPods must not be misaligned. Fake AirPods diffusers are often found to be misaligned. Besides this, if you precisely inspect the Grille, you’ll realize that there’s some defect in the quality.

3. Check The Lightning Port

Flip the case and you will find the lightning port that you’ll charge your AirPods through.

You will see a metal outline. This would be thicker when it comes to fake AirPods. There is also a difference in the color of these metal outlines.

4. Light-Up Indicator

One of the best ways to spot fake Airpods is by inspecting the light indicator. Sometimes, the light-up indicator is misplaced in the AirPods. This flaw is not always found in the AirPods replica but it’s something to look out for.

5. Technical Difference

The fake ones do not replicate the Apple chips that are used inside the original AirPods, because they do not have access to the technology that Apple has developed.

Authentic AirPods have not been manufactured in any color other than white. Authentic AirPods get connected to your phone faster than fake AirPods and these fake AirPods have shorter battery life. Fake AirPods come with a USB-C port instead of the signature lightning port by Apple. You cannot use the feature of ‘Find my AirPods’ under ‘Find my iPhone’ for fake AirPods.

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6. Compare The Boxes

The space between the lid and the box is super tight in the original box. In the case of the fake AirPods box, you can notice that there’s more space between them. The font on the fake box is different (mostly thicker) than that on the authentic box. The illustration of the lightning cable on the fake box is cut short on the bottom part. The text in the real box is written in grey while the fake box text has selective properties. Sometimes, huge giveaways are posted on the cover of the replica box. The fake AirPods often have Chinese text in the upper left corner.

7. Compare The Cases

In terms of the cases, you will see a circle on the case, and the fake ones have these circles placed higher than the real Apple AirPods.

The text “Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China” is thicker on fake AirPod cases and the color is also different from the original Apple AirPods. The hinge is segmented and it is sharper in the case of fake AirPod cases. Also, the fake product uses a mirror-like material in its hinge which is not found in real Apple AirPod cases.


This guide will be the ultimate help for you when you purchase your AirPods. Having read the above points, now you must know the basic differences between fake and real Apple AirPods. Make sure you check all these things before settling down on your pair of AirPods so that you get your money’s worth.

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