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Why Did Lord Ganesha Curse The Moon?

Why Did Lord Ganesha Curse The Moon
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We all are aware of how the moon slowly fades away every month and on the Amavasya Tithi, it completely disappears. Again, the full moon appears in the night sky on the auspicious occasion of Purnima Tithi. But, is there any mythological explanation for the regular disappearance and reappearance of the moon? Is it due to the curse given by lord Ganesha? But, why did Lord Ganesha curse the Moon? Let’s know.

Why Did Lord Ganesha Curse The Moon?

According to holy scriptures, once Lord Ganesha was invited to a food fest. As we know that he loved to eat to his heart’s content, he went to attend the event. On his way back home, he realised that his tummy has grown bigger. But, problems erupted when his Vahan- the little mouse, encountered a snake. Pale with fear, the little creature jumped and hid under a bush. Due to such an act of the mouse, his master fell to the ground.

Seeing all this, the moon up above the sky, started making fun of Lord Ganesha and his vehicle mouse. Angered by the mocking, Lord Ganesha cursed the moon that his shine will wane and disappear day by day.

Why Did Lord Ganesha Curse The Moon

Realizing his mistake, moon asked for forgiveness from the Lord. But, a curse once given cannot be taken back. So, Lord Ganesha told him that though his shine and glamour will lose with passing days, but will also reappear slowly in the night sky after remaining in dark for one day, which is called Amavasya.

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Few Final Words

Due to the curse, we see Amavasya and Purnima after every 14-15 days. Also, it is advised that on Ganesh Chaturthi, devotees must not look at the moon, as it is termed a bad omen.

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