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Vaccination For Covid: Is The Covid Booster Shot Worth It?

covid booster shot
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  • A Covid booster shot is expected to provide a better immunity against the virus
  • Covid-19 booster shots have been made especially for people with compromised immunity
  • The booster shots will strengthen the waning immunity and will help fight several emerging variants.

Even after the massive receptiveness of Indians to the vaccination drive, a large part of the population still can’t get vaccinated due to already compromised immunity. A dose of Covid booster shot has been introduced especially for this population, but many questions need to be answered better. Thus, we have answered a few important questions to improve your clarity about this.

1. About Covid Booster Shot

Most covid vaccines are being provided in two doses, except the Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen (single-shot vaccination). Breakthrough infection is getting more common even after mass vaccination which is a matter of great concern. Covid-19 booster shots have been introduced to increase the efficiency of vaccines and provide protection against waning immunity.

2. Is The Covid-19 Booster Shot Necessary?

Covid-19 booster shots have been introduced to protect waning immunity. Breakthrough infections are getting more common everywhere. Covid-19 booster shots are just what the name suggests. They boost your immunity to help fight against the virus and its emerging variants better. However, the government hasn’t stated that a covid booster shot is ‘necessary to have access to public facilities.

3. What Is The Covid Booster Shot Useful For?

Experts and reports suggest that antibodies may wane over time and the body tends to forget the virus. The booster provides adaptive immunity against coronavirus. The emerging variants are continuously putting vaccinated individuals at risk. While vaccines are important, a booster is advised to increase immunity.

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4. Who Requires The Covid-19 Booster Shot?

Initially, the covid-19 booster shots were made for the more vulnerable people who have compromised immunity. A list of people who are eligible for the covid booster shot has been released by the CDC:

  • People under treatment for tumors and blood cancer
  • People with advanced or untreated HIV infection
  • People who have undergone an organ transplant
  • Those who have received  stem cell transplants and are taking immunosuppressant medications
  • People who are dealing with moderate or severe primary immunodeficiency
  • Those who are under high-dose corticosteroids treatment or any other drug that may suppress immunity

5. What Is The Status Of India In The Covid-19 Booster Shot Drive?

As suggested by experts from AIIMS, a booster shot might become very important in the future as immunity tends to become weaker with time. Your body tends to forget the virus, and as the body’s reaction to coronavirus is adaptive, a second infection may expose you to the same risks as the first one. It has been informed by higher officials that the booster shot of the widely used dose Covishield is required 6 months after getting vaccinated. After six months of taking the vaccine, immunity wanes, so it’s best to take the booster shot then.

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6. Is The Covid Booster Beneficial? If So, How?

Also known as additional covid doses, covid-19 booster shots provide additional immunity as it tends to wane over time. People who have already been infected with the covid virus and have taken double doses of the vaccine might as well take the booster dose, as it will provide a better and stronger immunity against the coronavirus and its emerging variants.

Final Thoughts

The covid booster is very beneficial and was initially made for those who have comorbidities that suppress their immunity. Such people are immunosuppressed or are suffering from chronic diseases. These vaccines also benefit those who are exposed to the virus for long hours. This may include people who have been infected before and have taken both doses. In the coming years, doses will become an annual affair and older and sicker people will be prioritized. 

Previously affected people will be benefitted by combining natural immunity and artificial immunity against coronavirus, and non-affected people will have a stronger shield against the same.

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