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What Is The History Of Makeup

History Of Makeup
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As they say, “ Makeup should never be used to hide out flaws, rather it teaches us to enhance our natural beauty while embracing our flaws! “ Do you remember going out wearing dark red lipstick, applying tons of foundation that ultimately looked white on your skin with that winged eye look? Well, all of us in our teens must have wore this makeup as it was the trend in those times! But, did you realize who used makeup first? Well, this article will take to the history of makeup and reveal so many methods of how makeup was formed and used during ancient times.

The Trends In Makeup

if you look around fashion models now, or even if you scroll down on social media like facebook and Instagram, you will notice new trends in the makeup industry! In recent years, tanned skin is a thing in the beauty and makeup industry with brown models flaunting their real skin with pride and confidence! There is so much skin positivity in the makeup world that beauty influencers nowadays are urging everyone to feel confident in their real textured skin. 

Well, it is a pleasure that in recent years the beauty and makeup industry has evolved to become more skin positive. Even, men today are also welcomed into the makeup industry which is very encouraging and motivating in itself as ” Makeup is gender-neutral “! 

But, do you know that makeup has its own glorious history? Are you aware of who was the first to introduce makeup to the world? Let’s take a glimpse into the past! Before that, let us put out that in earlier days of the past men used to wear makeup as well! So, today’s men wearing makeup is all NORMAL! 

The History Of Makeup Timeline

The Egyptians were the first to introduce the concept of makeup to humankind. During 3100-2907 BC, the Egyptians used unguent on their skin to prevent the skin from getting wrinkled. The women of this era used kohl to decorate their eyes beautifully. Additionally, the spiritual Egypts were into gods and believed that cleanliness is impressive to gods, thus they used perfumed oils on their skin to keep them healthy and nourished. 

History Of Makeup

Following the paths of the Egyptians, the Romans also stepped into the world of makeup. Soon they started wearing blush to colour their cheeks in red, popularly known as ” Rouge”. They too used kohl to decorate their eyes. Pale skin was a thing during the 1st century AD, thus the Roman people used to whiten up their complexion using chalk! 

Soon after, skinny whitening became a trend! Everyone, especially those who had brown skin was ready to go all the way to achieve white skin! Women used to bleed themselves to give a beautiful healthy glow to the skin. Some used home remedies such as egg whites to brighten and tighten the skin. Others again mixed carbonate hydroxide and lead oxide as a face compact. They also protected their skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Tan skin was a sign of poverty and thus women used to cover their entire body with whiteners. 

The Revolution While Evolution Of Makeup

With the evolution in the world of makeup, soon came a time when women were criticised and backlashed for wearing too much makeup. Thus, in order to give a brightening finish to the skin, women used kitchen ingredients such as beetroot juice as lip and cheek tints. Even now, many brands use beetroot juices in their blushes and cheek tints to give a healthy natural finish to the cheeks. 

History Of Makeup
History Of Makeup | Trending Reader

But, as protests surfaced around the globe to free women of patriarchal oppression and torture, both outside and inside, women started wearing bright red lipstick with full glam makeup as a sign of protest and newfound independence from the patriarchal society. Soon, the first mascara was introduced into the makeup industry which revolutionised the world of eye makeup. It took eye makeup to a whole new level with women flaunting big gorgeous eyes. 

The years following witnessed women wearing heavy makeup as a form of expression. The graphical makeup we see today might have been rooted in them when women used to paint different images on their faces with brightly coloured eye shadow. 

Few Final Words

As per the history of makeup, the makeup industry is always evolving and experimenting with new trends. While a few years ago fully winged eyes with dark lips were the influencers’ favourite, nowadays one can see models opting for more natural makeup with glossy lips! 

Whatever the trend is, wear whatever suits you. Let us not forget that being happy and confident in your real skin is the best makeup!

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