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Learn The Right Way To Choose Makeup For Your Daughter

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Similar to Bruno Mars’ song “Just the way you are”, we have to teach our kids that they are beautiful no matter what! But it is impossible to completely stop them from using cosmetics as they would be exposed to all sorts of media. So, the parents must choose makeup, especially for the Gen-Z generation. From schools to small parties, it is evident that they would be influenced by and using all kinds of beauty-related products.

Obviously, no amount of advice or teachings by the parents can have the same influence as the words of marketers and influencers, whose target audience is usually teenagers. There is no specific age for children to start using makeup, as they’ll always try to copy the adults around them. So the questions of when is it appropriate for them to use makeup and how to teach them to choose makeup always pop up.

According to pediatrician Eva Kubiczek-Love, MD, “The first rule of thumb is to have an open discussion about makeup as soon as your child expresses interest in it. As with any new activity, parents need to establish expectations, set limits, and understand the psychological and health impact of these things on them.

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What’s The Right Way For Kids To Wear Makeup?

There is no specific age for makeup or the right way for your kids to use cosmetics, as the right age would depend upon the family’s perspective and the accepted practice in your child’s community. But at the same time, you should know that we are living in the 21st century. Hence, you should be more open to these ideas. If your kid is participating in any kind of school event, she/he must wear make-up.

Dr. Kubiczek-Love tells, “It’s always a good idea to ask your kids why they’re interested in makeup, encourage them to have fun, and expect that you may need to tell them when you think too much is too much.”

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Tips To Choose Makeup For Your Daughter

Here are 5 tips that you need to keep in mind while you are choosing makeup for your Daughter.

1. Buy safe products while choosing makeup

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Shop for products that have fewer amounts of toxins and are more natural or something that you have used once. “Many cosmetics, including those labeled ‘natural’ and ‘organic,’ aren’t regulated to the standards parents might expect”, says a reputed pediatrician.

2. Baby steps

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Baby steps are important for makeup too. Don’t jump off to heavy make-up just because you see your kid is interested in cosmetics. Take it light and slow, and change things in time.

3. Watch out for skin irritation

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It is predictable that if you wear makeup that is not suitable for your skin, you’ll get minor bumps or breakouts. The same goes for the kids also. If things are serious, seek advice from a dermatologist and change the product.

4. Go easy on sensitive or acne-prone skin

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Keep away from heavy, oil-based products like creams, lotions, and foundations as they would cause skin issues. Choose makeup that has less quantity of the same.

5. Maintain a healthy skin regimen

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Skincare is essential for all ages, especially for people who are wearing makeup. Educate your child on basic skincare routines like washing their face with a mild cleanser, removing the makeup before going to bed, replacing the cosmetics every once in a while (6 months), and so on. It is important to teach them that they should not share their makeup with others, as this will only lead to skin problems and allergies. 

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Choose makeup wisely and properly. But at the same time, educate your kids that this is a way of simply enhancing what you have been gifted with, and not a way of hiding or overpowering it.

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