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Prachand – The First Made In India Light Combat Helicopters 

made in India Light Combat Helicopters
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India’s first light combat helicopters got an official induction into the Indian Air Force on 3rd October 2022. These made in India Light Combat Helicopters are built by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). Get to know more about this made in India progress, light combat helicopter features and the significance behind their name, Prachand, in the further article.

First Made In India Light Combat Helicopters – Prachand

With the defence minister, Rajnath Singh, tweeting about the light combat helicopters being named Prachand, the world has gotten the message that India is expanding the made-in-India campaign in its defence sector as well. Prachand is a multipurpose attack aircraft built to enhance the capabilities of IAF and carry out precise attacks even in extreme weather conditions.

Prachand Meaning

The literal meaning of the Hindi word ‘Prachand’ is fierce, something that is ferocious. And the name rightfully describes the combat capabilities as one of the light combat helicopter features as they are built to destroy the enemy’s air defence and carry out counter-insurgency strikes.

Indian Air Force Receives Prachand

On Monday, 3rd October, India’s first made in India Light Combat Helicopters, Prachand, are included officially in the Indian Air Force, at the Jodhpur air base. There was a fleet of four helicopters. Notable figures like General Anil Chauhan, the CDS of India and Air Chief Marshal Vivek Ram Chaudhari were also present at the induction ceremony.

Development Of Light Combat Helicopter

The first foundation of light combat helicopters was laid in the late 2006s by HAL with the Indian government funding in support of the program. These light combat helicopters are based on the model of HAL Dhruv, but sleeker. The need for such an aircraft was felt during the 1999 Kargil war and thus, this helicopter was made in accordance with the requirements of the Indian Army and IAF for precise attacks during extreme weather or altitudes.

Prachand Light Combat Helicopter Features

Prachand – Light Combat Helicopter Features

The features of made in India Light Combat Helicopters are”

  • With a maximum flight ceiling of about 6500 metres, it is the world’s highest for an attack helicopter.
  • It has a flight endurance of 3+ hours.
  • The light combat helicopter has a narrow fuselage for a sleek body and is equipped for both night and day combats.
  • The pressurized cockpit makes it able to withstand biological, nuclear or chemical hazards.
  • The maximum takeoff weight of the helicopter is 5800 kilograms with a weaponry payload of 1750 kilos.
  • With weapons, it has a range of 550 kilometres.


With this news, the world has got the message that India is expanding its ‘Make in India’ campaign to its defence sector and we will soon be a prominent name among the big aircraft manufacturing countries.

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