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What Is Super Bowl Sunday And Why It Is The Greatest Show On Earth?

super bowl sunday
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Super Bowl Sunday is the most awaited event of the year throughout the world. But, why is it so famous? What is so unique and attractive about the game? Ever wondered, let us find out. 

A Glance At Super Bowl Sunday

The day of the game Super Bowl Game is known as Super Bowl Sunday. This is the most awaited time of the year for every football fan. It is the Unofficial holiday in the United States. This league was started by the National Football League(NFL) in 1967 and then was later collaborated by its rival the American Football League(AFL) to become the greatest event of all time. Every year over 100 million people watch these top teams competing against each other. From 2022, it was decided that the Super Bowl will be played on the second Sunday of February. 

super bowl Sunday | Trending Reader

Fans pay up to $5000 for the tickets for the big game just to watch their favorite team win. The game is broadcasted in over 170 countries. The first Super Bowl game was placed in Los Angeles between Green Bay Packers vs. Kansas City Chef on 15th January 1967. And the most recent game was played between Kansas City Chef vs. San Francisco 49ers. The players are awarded the Vince Lombardi Trophy, named after the coach of the Green Bay Packers, who won the first two Super Bowl Sunday. The most trophies are won by Pittsburgh- six trophies. 

What Is So Great About This Super Bowl Sunday? 

1. Emotions

super bowl Sunday | trending reader

This event is like a festival for the fans, and like festivals carry a lot of emotions, so does this league. Not only the fans but also the players feel loads of different emotions. All the emotions of happiness, sadness, frustration, anger, etc. flow at the same time among the crowd. 

2. Fans

super bowl sunday fans

The spectacular moment of the game is that the crowd is filled with fans, including the die-hard, the drunk, and the kitted-out spectator fans. This is hilarious and overwhelming at the same time to see the diversity. 

3. Advertisements

Super Bowl commercial

Big brands don’t want to miss the opportunity to have their brands advertised to millions of fans. They also know that they will have to pay a lot more sum than any other time of the year. Brands pay up to 5 million dollars for 30 secs of advertisement. 

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4. The half-time

super bowl Sunday 2022 half time | Trending Reader

The halftime is like a concert with big performers and celebrities like Lady Gaga, Coldplay, etc., performing at the halftime of the league. 

5. Unpredictability 

The Super Bowl Sunday is always unpredictable; you never know what the results will be and what turns will take place in the game. This keeps the excitement in the crowd high and always catches their attention. 

6. Hot-dogs and beer

super ball Sunday

Well, being a festival itself shows the amount of celebration it will have, so beer becomes a mandatory factor of the stadium. And hot-dog being an old-fashioned street food is loved by all.

7. Venue

The game is held in different cities each time. Mostly the venue is decided by a bid. The cities bid for the game to be held in their city and the highest bid gets to hold the league. 

8. Game

The games are always action-packed and very amusing. The fans are always caught up with the games and the score and discussion of who will win. 

Many more such factors make super bowl Sunday the greatest show in the world.

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