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What Is World Hypertension Day – Know Date, History And Significance

World Hypertension Day
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World Hypertension day is celebrated each year on 17 May by countries part of WHL to promote awareness about high blood pressure. This article will walk you through what is world hypertension day, its history, and its significance, and will also throw light on world hypertension day activities. 

What Is Hypertension? 

According to Dr. Budhiraja, Associate Director- Internal Medicine, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, Faridabad, hypertension can have a disastrous effect on the heart resulting in the hardening and thickening of the heart arteries thereby, causing the heart to receive less blood supply, in worst cases, it can cause a heart attack besides other life-threatening conditions brought about by affecting other organs,”

Hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure is a cardiac disease in which the blood passing through the artery causes excess pressure against the walls of the blood vessels, i.e. artery which causes health problems such as coronary heart disease ( CAD), dementia, and other health risks. 

What Is World Hypertension Day

While the normal blood pressure is 140/90, one can have hypertension without any symptoms that increase the chances of acquiring deadly diseases over time such as heart attack and stroke. To combat such health risks and create awareness among the masses about the potential health threats related to hypertension – the silent killer, world hypertension day is celebrated by World Hypertension League each year in the month of May. 

World Hypertension Day Date And Theme 2022 

The first World Hypertension Day was introduced in the year of 2005 on 14th May by the World Hypertension League in which 24 countries participated to create mass awareness of hypertension and ways to treat the same. 

Later, the WHL shifted the date to 17th May and now a total of 85 countries have come together on the mission to create awareness of high blood pressure. The theme of World hypertension day 2022 is “Measure Your Blood Pressure Accurately, Control It, Live Longer

World Hypertension Day Activities

While it is important to understand what is world hypertension day and its history, monitoring and taking preventive measures to tackle the same has become more important in recent years as news about young adults suffering from this deadly disease has increased manifolds. 

Moreover, research suggests that 1 out of 5 only have efficient control of the disease while others continue to be on the verge of developing different health risks. It is also important to keep in mind that untreated hypertension can lead the patient into ICU and sometimes end their life! Thus, this section will share some of the World hypertension day activities that one can perform to celebrate the day in order to stay fit and healthy. 

  1. Get Your Blood Pressure Measured By A Trusted Doctor
  2. Attend Seminars And Conferences That Aim To Create Awareness On The Same 
  3. Donate Blood Pressure Measurement Equipment To Health Clinics Such As A Blood Pressure Machine
  4. Start Eating Healthy And Lead A Balanced Lifestyle 

Significance Of World Hypertension Day 

On the World hypertension day, the WHL in collaboration with its member countries put its best foot towards creating awareness of high blood pressure. The member countries, with help from NGOs, local governments, and electronic and print media, create awareness of the health hazards of hypertension and diseases that can be caused by untreated hypertension such as heart attack and chronic kidney failure. 

Besides prevention, the WHL in partnership with experts focuses on providing information about the detection and treatment of the disease. 


While blood pressure,  also called what is world hypertension day might help to create awareness of the deadly disease, it is on our part to focus on the prevention of the disease. A single day is not enough to neutralize the effects of hypertension, thus it is important to follow a healthy and active lifestyle to stay fit and rise stronger than the silent killer.

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