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Narada Jayanti – When And Why Narada Jayanti Is Celebrated?

Narada Jayanti
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Do you remember the animated Ramayana and Mahabharata series where Devarshi Narada was seen chanting the term “Narayan Narayan“ with a Veena and Khartal in his hand, before and after every sentence? Well, according to Hindu mythology and sacred Puranas, Devarshi Narada was a spiritual sage who was the Manas Putra Or mind manifested son of Lord Brahma, the creator of the Universe. This article will take you on a journey to the life of Narada Muni and will also uncover when is Narada Jayanti and its story. Also know the Significance Of Narada Jayanti and why Narada Jayanti is celebrated?

Narada Jayanti

When Is Narada Jayanti – Date And Time 2022 

According to Hindu mythology, Narada Muni was the first journalist on earth who possessed divine powers similar to Gods and thus was known as Devarishi or sage who has the power of Gods. 

Each year, the followers of Hinduism celebrate the birth anniversary of Narada Muni on Narada Jayanti which falls on the month of Baisakh on the Pratipada Tithi of Krishna Paksha. Narada Jayanti falls on 17th May 2022 on Tuesday. The Pratipada tithi begins at 09:43 am on 16th May 2022 and ends at 06.25 pm on 17th May 2022.

Narada Jayanti History – Why Narada Jayanti Is Celebrated? 

While it is known that Narada Muni was the Manas Putra of Lord Brahma and Mata Saraswati, according to legends, in his past life, he was the son of a female worker who worked on the houses of saints. Seeing his devotion, the saints blessed him with spiritual powers, and with time, he grew into an ardent devotee of Narayana, the manifestation of Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu was pleased with his devotion towards him and narrated his true form to him after which he manifested himself into his divine spiritual form, Narada Muni. Thus, Hindu people celebrate the auspicious birth anniversary of Maharishi Narada Muni on Narada Jayanti. 

Apart from his spiritual powers, he also possessed the power to travel the Trilok – Dharti, Swarg, and Patal and warn everyone about the future. He had the power to witness the past, present and future. It is believed that he was the one who narrated the story of Lord Rama to Valmiki Muni. Besides, he was the teacher of Prahlad, the son of devil king Hiranyakashyap and in Vaishnavism, people consider him as a pure soul immersed in the chanting of the name of Narayan Narayan! 

Significance Of Narada Jayanti 

It is believed that Narada Muni, the divine sage guides the souls to the path of Moksha or the ultimate enlightenment. Thus worshiping Narada Muni on the sacred occasion of Narada Jayanti blesses the devotees with spiritual enlightenment and growth. 

Hinduism believes that on the Pratipada Tithi of Krishna Paksha in the month of Baisakh, Narada Muni reincarnated in his divine form and thus devotees of Narada Muni observe Narada Jayanti. 

Narada Jayanti Puja Vidhi

According to holy books, devotees should first wake up in the early morning and focus on taking a holy bath to purify their soul, followed by wearing clean clothes. Afterward, offer prayers and puja to Lord Vishnu and Narada Muni as the latter was a true devotee of Narayan. Offer Tulsi leaves, flowers, and sweets to the deities. Do not forget to light a Diya. 

While observing a fast on Narada Jayanti is essential, people can consume milk and fruits. Consuming cereals and pulses is a strict no-no. Sanskrit slokas and Vishnu Shahasranama must be recited on the eve of Narada Jayanti. 


The Narada Jayanti is observed each year on the birth anniversary of Narada Muni and people from the Hindu community celebrate the auspicious day with great respect and devotional prayers. Let us pray to Narada Muni to bless humankind to be free of hate and walk towards enlightenment and growth. 

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