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Exercises For Perfect Butt: Get That Kardashian Looks For Your Back!

exercise for perfect butt
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  • Exercises for a perfect butt are no different from others. You cannot spot-reduce or increase the size of your butt only
  • Each time you walk, it is like a workout for your butt
  • The more you train your glutes with weight and added equipment, the more defined and visible the change would be.

The curve of men and women is something that is still a point of focus these days. Especially with the coronavirus pandemic, people are all into the fitness challenges, gluten challenges, plank challenges, and whatnot! There are only a few who don’t want to change the shape of their butt, be it the common people or the celebrities. From Nicki Minaj to the Kardashians, the term “plastic surgery” is familiar to all.

But what people tend to forget is that you can get that “sexy back” even at your home if you stick to a routine and make it a part of your lifestyle. Even though a part of this depends upon your genetics, it doesn’t mean that you can’t change at all! So why not start moving!

The Most Effective Exercises For The Perfect Butt

Exercises for the perfect butt mostly won’t be a cardio inclined workout, hence most of them would come as post-workout exercises. Here are few such exercises:

1. Squats:
How Many Squats A Day Will Give You That Peach Booty Look?

This exercise is known to all and is extremely beneficial. For this exercise, you have to stand with your feet parallel to each other and shoulder-width apart. Then lower your hips in a perfect posture and then come back to the starting position. Do this 3*10 reps a week and you would be able to see how your back is changing. 

2. Standing Lunges:
Walking Lunges: How-To, Variations, Benefits, Safety, and More

Keeping your legs parallel and hip-distance apart from each other, take a giant step forward. Lower your body in such a way that you can feel your knees touch the ground making a 90-degree angle and not more. Make sure that both the ankle and knee are aligned. Repeat the same for the other leg. Incorrect posture could lead to knee pain.

3. Prone Leg Lifts Over A Ball:
Plank Booty Leg Lift | Get on the Ball: 5 Commercial Break Exercises |  POPSUGAR Fitness Photo 2

Lie stomach-down on an exercise ball, with hands parallel to each other on the floor. Try lifting each of your legs simultaneously by tightening your glute muscles.

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4. Bridge:
exercises for perfect butt

This exercise can be tricky for beginners and should be done with much care. While lying on your back with knees bent and feet on the floor, try pushing your spine off the floor keeping a hip-width distance between your feet. Tighten both your glutes and hamstrings till you create a diagonal line from your shoulders to your knees. After reaching this position, reverse this process and go back to the starting position.

5. Side Leg Raises:
exercise for perfect butt

Lying on your side, keep a straight posture and lift your upper feet. While doing the same, make sure your hips are in a firm position, The same goes for your torso. 

The Equilibrium Between Body And Exercise

Each time you move, you are using your glutes. The butt consists of the muscles gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. They are the muscles that help you to move, walk, and rotate your upper legs in all directions. Hence, each time you walk it is like a workout for your butt. Make sure that you are keeping a straight posture while doing the same.

Both exercise and diet along with genetics play a role in getting the perfect butt. Exercises for the perfect butt are no different from others. You cannot spot-reduce or just increase the size of your butt. The more you train your glutes with weight and added equipment, the more defined and visible the change would be.

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