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Badrinath Temple History, Significance, Facts & How To Reach?

Badrinath temple history
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Badrinath Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli District. It is located in the Garhwal hill ranges along the banks of the Maa Alaknanda River. The history of Badrinath temple reveals many Lord Vishnu stories, and it is also known as Badrinarayana. But what is the complete Badrinath temple history? Read this article to know about it and other things such as what is the significance of Badrinath temple, facts about Badrinath Temple, and how to reach Badrinath Temple.

Badrinath Temple History

The Badrinath tirtha gets its name from the native word Badri, which refers to a variety of wild berries. When Lord Vishnu knelt in penance within those mountains, Goddess Laxmi is reported to have taken the form of a berry tree and sheltered Him from the hot sun. It is not only the Lord’s dwelling place, but also the abode of countless pilgrims, saints, and sages who come here to contemplate in search of enlightenment.

More About Badrinath Temple History

According to legend, Adi Shri Shankaracharya re-established Badrinath, also known as Badri Vishal, to restore Hinduism’s lost reputation and to unite the nation under one bond. Badrinath is a location steeped in spiritual stories from Hindu scriptures dating back thousands of years. 

The puranic story of the Pandav brothers and Draupadi passing through on their last pilgrimage by moving up the slopes of Swargarohini, a peak near Badrinath, or the ‘Ascent to Heaven,’ or the visit by Lord Krishna as well as other great sages are just a few of the many legends associated with this holy tirtha.

The sages Nara and Narayana (Lord Vishnu’s fifth avatar) are said to undertake penances here, according to the Vamana Purana. Great sages from the past, such as Kapila Muni, Gautam, and Kashyap, accomplished penance here, Bhakta Narada attained salvation here, and Lord Krishna adored this region; medieval religious scholars, such as Adi Shankaracharya, Sri Madhavacharya, Ramanujacharya, and Sri Nityananda, came here for learning and quiet contemplation, and many more do so today.

Significance Of Badrinath Temple

There is a big significance of Badrinath temple as per Hindu mythology. According to Hindu belief, this is where god Vishnu meditated. Lord Vishnu was completely unconscious of the cold weather while meditating. His wife, Goddess Lakshmi, guarded him in the guise of the Badri tree.

Lord Vishnu named the site Badrika Ashram because of Goddess Lakshmi’s devotion. As a huge Beri/jujube, Lord Vishnu was dubbed “Badri Vishal ” and Lord Vishnu was dubbed “Badrinath” lord/husband of Badri.

Facts About Badrinath Temple

Some of the interesting and unknown facts about Badrinath Temple are:

  1. In India, there are four pilgrimage destinations, one in each of India’s four directions. Badrinath is one of India’s four pilgrimage sites, located in the northwestern part of the country.
  1. With 12,42,546 visits, Badrinath is one of India’s most popular pilgrimage destinations (2019). Over the course of six months, these pilgrims toured the temple.
  1. Badrinath is really the only temple in the Himalayan region among India’s four pilgrimage sites. Also, Badrinath is one of Lord Vishnu’s tallest temples, surrounded by snow as well as other mountains
  1. Badrinath is really the only temple in the world that closes for six months during the winter and reopens for six months during the summer.
  1. In the Mahabharat Van Parva, the Pandavas are said to have visited Badarikashram.
  1. Lord Badrinath’s Deity in the main Garvgraha, quadrangle, Padmasan as a kind of penance, around three and a half feet in Shaligram rock.
  1. Garuda, Kubera, Uddhava, Badrivishal, Narada, Nar, and Narayan are the primary Gods adored in the Garvgraha.
  1. The temple’s Garbhagriha gates, which had previously belonged to Silver, were constructed of gold.
  1. Badrinath is worshipped by Brahmins of the “Namboodiri caste” of South India, known as “Rawal,” according to Swami Shankaracharya’s arrangement.
  1. The Badrinath temple’s structure is separated into three sections. Garvagraha, Singh-dwar, Mandap.

While these interesting facts make us more inclined towards visiting this place. Read the below sections to know how to reach Badrinath Temple.

How To Reach Badrinath Temple?

When you think about how to reach Badrinath Temple, there are some different modes that come to your mind. To reach Badrinath Temple, you can choose a suitable mode from the below-mentioned modes:

By Flight

The nearest airport to Badrinath is Jolly Grant Airport, which is 311 kilometers away. From Delhi, Lucknow, and Mumbai, Dehradun airport has direct and connected flights. To get to Badrinath, you can either rent a taxi from the train station or take a bus from the nearby bus station.

By Railways

Rishikesh Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Badrinath, at a distance of 290 kilometers. This broad-gauge station is connected to important railway stations such as Jammu, Mumbai, Pune, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Delhi, and Kolkata. Pilgrims can take a bus or rent a private taxi to Badrinath from Rishikesh.

By Road

Badrinath is easily accessible by intrastate and interstate buses. Regular buses connect this holy town to towns and states like Rishikesh, Dehradun, Delhi, Haryana, Haridwar, Srinagar, and Chandigarh. These buses are the most cost-effective and convenient mode of transportation.


Badrinath is a country of many legends, each of which adds to the beauty of the location. Along with these legends, the snow-capped mountain peaks, smoothly flowing Alaknanda River, and breathtaking scenery provide the ideal setting for spiritual connection.

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