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Daughters’ Day – Everything You Need To Know About

daughters day
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  • Although it’s not possible to express all the love for daughters in one day, this daughters’ day is celebrated to symbolize the importance of daughters in our lives
  • Give a break to your daughters, make their favorite food for them, and watch their favorite movies with them
  • Talk to them, and understand them and their needs.

Every year, the fourth Sunday of September is celebrated around the world as International Daughters’ Day. This year it was celebrated on September 26th. In ancient times, people didn’t support the birth of girls in many places. For a long time, giving birth to a girl was considered unfortunate and prevented, and if they were born, they were oppressed and exploited with no control over their lives. 

With time, people have learned to welcome daughters and celebrate their birth, even though there are still places where people need more education on girl child protection. It is celebrated in different ways in different places. It celebrates love, beauty, the need for protection, and the importance of daughters in our lives.

Date For 2021 Daughters’ Day 

It is globally celebrated every year on the fourth Sunday of September. This year it was celebrated on 26th September. Parents shower their daughters with extra love and affection on this day and the internet was full of warm wishes and lovely messages from parents to their daughters.

The Story Behind The Celebration

We do not need a day to celebrate our daughters; we must cherish and celebrate them every day. But the inequality and inferiority experienced by girls still prevail in the patriarchal society. This led the government of some countries to celebrate it to encourage equality. Since then, this day is celebrated every year to make girls feel equally appreciated and wanted as the boys.


This day is now celebrated globally, which shows how the times have changed. People are more than happy to celebrate it now and make their daughters feel special. The world becomes a better place for girls and women, and this is the day that celebrates this development.  

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This special day is celebrated in many ways every year. Parents write heartfelt cards, letters, or messages for their daughters, along with gifts to make them feel loved and appreciated on this special day. The celebration varies from family to family and from culture to culture, and it also depends on the kind of relationship the daughter and the parents have. Some families have huge celebrations, while others prefer small, cozy, and personal gatherings. Some families prefer outings like a picnic or celebrating at a restaurant.

If angels exist on Earth, they definitely exist in the form of daughters, and parents agree to this. Irrespective of whether the daughters are more inclined towards traditionally masculine or feminine traits, their choices and decisions must be accepted and encouraged by everyone, especially their parents. Help them and protect them, because family is the place where they expect to receive the most love from. They are powerful, beautiful, empathetic, and revolutionary. Every year, the celebration of this day helps us remember that they are and will always be important to all of us.

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